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Why Most Brands Mess Up Customer Service On Twitter

The Main Street Analyst, Social Media, Marketing, Business

The Main Street Analyst, Social Media, Marketing, Business

Customer service on Twitter is a tricky thing. Complaints are public and unqualified responses can dig a deeper hole for brands.

A coupe of weeks ago I wrote an article about “The Non-Sense Big Marketing Agencies Are Selling To Big Brands”. One of the results was a response  from Software Advice’s “Customer Service Investigator”, a blog writing and investigating customer service issues. Continue reading

Digital Strategy Tips For Managers

Digital Strategy: Tips For Managers In The Digital Age – Infographic

This infographic is for managers. Not only for those that have adapted a digital strategy, but also for those that have missed the trend before. It is never tool late. Have a look! Continue reading

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing: Tips And Info For Those That Stay Loyal – Infographic

There is big discussion going on on whether Facebook marketing is still something businesses should engage with. With the desire to create more revenue, the company changed its algorithms and it now became very difficult to make posts visible to fans. While some experts claim they found ways to get around Facebook’s restrictions, it remains questionable if the site can deliver value for smaller businesses or individuals.

For those that love Facebook and would stay loyal, here is an infographic that shows a few things to consider when doing Facebook marketing. Have a look!

Infographic Source: PimpMyCD

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Responsive Webdesign: 10 Reasons Why You Need It

Responsive Webdesign: 10 Reasons Why You Need – Infographic

There is nothing worse than walking the streets of New York City, seeing something interesting and trying to look it up on my smartphone, only to find out the website of that interesting thing is not good for mobile. Ever made that experience? Frustrating! Continue reading

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