10 Faces Of Influence – Infographic

Inspired by the rich variety of influencer types our customers discover through Traackr and by the successful engagement strategies they have built in their influencer marketing programs, we looked for patterns and identified 10 key influencer archetypes.

Source: Visual.ly

10Faces of Influence

Defining Online Influence

Online influence is the ability to encourage a behavior, shape a conversation or drive traffic because you have built a trusted voice based on authentic expertise. True influence drives action.

Influencer Metrics

There are three metrics for measuring online influence. Reach is a person’s audience size. Resonance measures how engaging there content is and relevance tells you how closely their content matches your topic.

Contextual Influence

Context is the most important factor in determining who is influential to you. Your topic is key to finding the right influencers for your projects. Context is also defined by your intent, timing and location.

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