120 (!!! WOW) Marketing Tactics For New Blogs – Infographic

If you are planning on a new blog (or have an existing one) this is a pretty cool infographic on how to market your blog. 120 tips is a lot, but if you really care, the details are important. Blogging is work and marketing is important.

Content marketing consists of producing and publishing information that builds trust and authority among your ideal customers. It is a way of creating relationships and community so people feel loyal to your brand, and it helps you become recognized as a thought leader in your industry. Successful blogs play a pivotal role in delivering your brand message, and help drive sales without using traditional hard-sell tactics. They don’t merely push out your sales pitch over and over — they offer insights, answer common questions, and help readers make better decisions.

120-marketing-tactics-for-new-blogs_5256ebf72fc43Infographic Source: Digital Philippines

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  1. Joan-FindingLeads4U says:

    Excellent information in one place.

  2. Joan-FindingLeads4U says:

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    Infographic full of information for referencing back to, use some, use many the decision is yours. Find what works in your niche.

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