Lady Gaga and New York City – What a Marketing & PR Opportunity

Lady Gaga to headline N.Y. New Year’s Eve – MarketWatch.

I am working since weeks on trying to connect Lady Gaga, New York City, a Multicultural Soccer Club and the New York Small Business World. It seems I am not the only one.

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Running a Marketing Campaign for New York and the New York City Business World

If you would run a marketing campaign for New York City and the New York City business world, who would you choose as your “poster child”?

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Am I too big to work with a small marketing firm?

A question the big players might ask themselves – Am I too big to work with a small marketing firm?

The answer first, you are not. At first sight it might look a little tight, but you wouldn’t believe the power coming out of such partnerships. The idea of marketing is to catch attention for your brand, product or service. Marketing is about getting attention for what you have or what you sell. Small things can come with lots of creativity, and, in a tight market you get around the corners more quickly, no matter how big you are. Marketing is fast paced these days. Stay big and become more nimble with a small partner.
Clearly, a small car, but you never know what’s under the hood.

Hot New Business: City QR Code

From City QR Code Blog

The City QR Code project is a service initially designed for Grassroots American businesses. The underlying idea is that we’re making it affordable for any retail store to create a useful mobile website. Many services provide low cost mobile websites now, and you can create QR codes from your own computer easily if you have the Chrome web browser. What AWKS is doing is joining today’s mobile website technologies and QR codes in such a way that it is easy to do and the business application makes sense for people reading ads, walking by a store and even inside a store.

Grassroots American businesses will find it very easy to update their mobile website from their PC or from their phone. Restaurant owners will even be able to update their daily lunch menu while standing in the kitchen each morning. Users will find the mobile interface provides answers to their questions at the moment they think of them. The system is very fast on a phone…read more

Marketing Campaign: $12.17 in expenses turn into potential $2,000,000 business opportunity

Marketing can turn into an expensive adventure. That it doesn’t have to be that expensive can be viewed in this example. A soccer fan in a job search wanted to proof his point, and qualifications, and created a marketing and public relations campaign that quickly turned into a business development campaign with potential sales of $2,000,000. That it didn’t turn into sales has to do with the fact that he ran the campaign independently and wasn’t involved with the organization he promoted.

The campaigner informed the organization (a New York City soccer business on the way back into professional soccer) that he is intending to run a marketing and PR campaign. The organization wasn’t opposed to the campaign. While an attached poll went around the world Continue reading