You’ve got mail from the Republicans – Infographic

Mashable, 03/09/2012

6 thoughts on “You’ve got mail from the Republicans – Infographic”

  1. I often tend to think the GOP is ut of touch with the times. Their email campaigns were awful – still are actually. The videos are lackluster and unispiring. The bulk of what they produce is what appears to be spam – even if someone was genuinely interested in it. You’d never click the inbox to read what they send. I know I sent a few to just on GP alone.

    1. I haven’t seen any of their spam, but I know the content and that is not making it further then the t… wall. This afternoon I was listening to Santorum after he dropped out and I am wondering if he should better be priest.

  2. You would think that with all of their business backing, the Republicans would have a better handle on this.

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