The Power and Growth of Mobile Marketing – Infographic

The number of Americans who own smartphones rocketed past the number who own basic mobile phones this year, and marketers have been expanding their mobile budgets at a similarly rapid rate. One study estimated mobile advertising will be $5.04 billion industry by 2015…Read More


16 thoughts on “The Power and Growth of Mobile Marketing – Infographic”

  1. Again, great graphic illustration of your ideas. The QR codes stats are amazing. This is like “tricorder” concept in Star Wars (i’m being serious), because the things that can be done reach futher each year. This is an amazing statistical view of what is happening.

  2. i think the differentiation of WHAT you are buying s missing – for transactional / commodity purchases – fine on mobile – but for more qualitative / considered purchases – where you are doing some research first – higher value – etc – currently mobile is still not ready for prime time IMO – but definitely not saying that mobile isn’t the future – in fact it is one of the reasons that Facebook might struggle – it isn’t designed for mobile – at least to make money at it – yet

  3. What a great infographic. As an Internet maknrtieg consultant, I recommend spending much more than 3 hours a week on web maknrtieg, in full view of my bias. More time in web maknrtieg could mean less time in outbound communications (i.e. cold calling.)The 67% who are in it for their passion are the ones with the best chance to succeed. Thanks for sharing!

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