Mobile Commerce And Business On The Rise – Infographic

This chart illustrates the rise of mobile commerce in the United States.

Source: Statista

4 thoughts on “Mobile Commerce And Business On The Rise – Infographic”

  1. Great data here. I must admit, I had a funny vision where a guy with a mullet and a shirt two sizes too small is buying from Wal-Mart from his iPhone.

  2. Man this is going to grow beyond our understanding of marketing today, there are billion and a half internet users world wide and over 6 billion cell phone users this is the market no one can lose …. excellent article keep coming :)

  3. This will definitely boost mobile commerce industry. In fact, most business owners today are investing on creating mobile website and promote their businesses and services through cell phones. Reaching your customer is easier through mobile phones than any other platforms. I hope you all will agree on this. Please share your thoughts.

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