Battle Of The Sexes On Social Media – Infographic

When it comes to the sexes on social media, there are a few places where the battle lines seem settled. It probably won’t surprise you to learn, for example, that men are from Google+ and women are from Pinterest.

But when it comes to the two dominant social networks — Facebook and Twitter — you may be shocked to discover that women are now in the majority on both services. Not only that, but they’re posting far more frequently on Facebook than their slowpoke male counterparts can manage.

Online gaming, once a bastion of men, has fallen to the females as well. Zynga is by far the largest online gaming network, with 250 million players logging on every month; 60% of those players are women, especially women over 55.

But take heart, guys. You still comprise 63% of LinkedIn, the professional social network. Google+, as has been the case for some time, is more than two-thirds dude. And Reddit is practically a man cave, where you have less than a one-in-five chance of coming across the fairer sex.

Source:, Digital Flash NYC

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    1. Zynga stock has been falling — down to just about $5. (High was around 15) Their customers hate them – -”Zynga’d” is commonly used in place of “f*&#k’d” If anyone can kill social gaming, it is Zynga with their spammy, buggy games. But they are well-positioned to make a fortune if online gambling is legalized.

  1. I did some tests on how to get the most friends from alter ego’s, guess what, the boy alter ego got banned from Facebook, the girl alter ego was much more aggressive and only got a warning…. I’d say that’s weird..

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