Is Apple Still Winning? A Look At Some Numbers – Infographic

Is Apple Winning? – Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America.
- Sold over 365,000,000 devices in last 5 years
- Avg. 4 billion in monthly profit
- Amasses 110 billion in cash.

With combination of anticipation plus luck, apple has been able to out-think, innovate and execute it competitors. Here are the 3 major forces behind Apple’s success.


“Skate to where the puck will be” – Steve Jobs
- Doesn’t rely on what customers want, defines what they need.
- iPhone mobilized consumers computers.
- iPad helped introduced new PC tablet products to market.
- Reshaping tradition of reading paper based newspaper.
- NYC subway shows change from print to digital.


3 trends created environment for apple to continue to the top.


- March 2012, smartphones began to outnumber basic phones.
- 50% of Americans now own a smartphone.
- Shift to smartphones makes for a new industry, the “App Economy”


- Tablet sales are soaring
- Sold 11.8 million iPads, up 151% from 2011 year.
- Competition not much cheaper in price.
- Closest comparison is Kindle, but its limited in productivity.


- Asian markets beginning to boom.
- Hundreds of millions of new consumers.
- 55% of sales from foreign countries. (not including new iPad)
- Innovative product pipeline makes for ease in international sales growth.


- Tim Cook (New Apple CEO), has responsibility to execute Steve Jobs vision.
- Company in an unusual position for a global giant: Apple can’t produce enough product to meet consumer demand.
- Supply chain working conditions handled at Chinese Foxconn.
- Plans to buy back stock from Apple shareholders.
- Shares topped $600 in april 2012, predicted over $700 in next two years.

The Bottom Line

- Apple knows its customers.
- Steve Jobs wasn’t a geek, built products for everyday use.
- Wins customer appeal with marketing.
- Mastered impulse in people.

Source:, Californiaphonelookup