44% Of U.S. Marketers Have No Interest In Pinterest – Infographic

The chart shows the results of a survey among U.S. marketing and advertising executives regarding their company’s attitude toward Pinterest.

Source: Statista

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting, considering that Pinterest is one of the major incoming traffic for most retailers – including us.
    It is the 2nd most on our traffic stats with 1000+ hits a week for our humble shop!
    Pinterest is definitely going to be in our marketing campaigns for some time, until something bigger comes along 😉

    • V. says:

      That the major brands or major agencies don’t use Pinterest doesn’t mean anything about Pinterest’s quality as a marketing tool. First you must know that the most big brands and agencies are by far NOT the experts in marketing and social media marketing. The last two years went by to fast for them. They haven’t caught up yet. You know how it is, the bigger, the longer it takes.
      I share your findings, Pinterest is one of the best drivers for me as well. And I am not even a retailer. And so it is and would be for those that use it right. Thanks for your comment.

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