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Have a look at the best social media platforms for your business

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Small Business And Social Media: Why You Can Neglect Facebook

The business environment for small business has become much more competitive with the appearance of social media. While competition is high, with the various social media platforms, new marketing opportunities have opened up for small businesses to compete with the big brands. The right use of the right platform can have a major impact on […]

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Doing Business In China: Small Businesses Can Do Too

Sometimes at the beginning of 2011 I met Helen Liu, the founder and principle of Wall Street Chinese, a small firm specializing in consulting businesses of all sizes when they attempt to do business in China. From the beginning I thought Helen has an amazing business at hand. Who wouldn’t love to do business in […]

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Visual Content: Which Platform Is Better For Your Business – Pinterest vs Tumblr

If your business is selling visual content (products), rather than services, I am sure you have thought about which of the various social media platforms is better for you. To give the answer right away, you should be on all platforms! I know that many don’t agree with me, but I don’t see why you […]

Small Business Beating Big Brands On Social Media – Infographic

Small business is still the main driver for the U.S. economy. It also turns out that small  businesses are ahead of the big brands when it comes to social media. While many of the big brands still hide behind “brand awareness” rather than using social media for business generation, small businesses have already discovered that […]

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Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses: At First You Are An Underdog. So What?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are a special breed. Knowing lots of them and being one myself, I know very well the ups and downs of the status. Many of us dream about being successful with what we have created, but many of us can’t realize the dream of getting big, for various reasons. Some […]