Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing: Tips And Info For Those That Stay Loyal – Infographic

There is big discussion going on on whether Facebook marketing is still something businesses should engage with. With the desire to create more revenue, the company changed its algorithms and it now became very difficult to make posts visible to fans. While some experts claim they found ways to get around Facebook’s restrictions, it remains […]

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Measuring Facebook Marketing After The Algorithm Change

Measuring Facebook Marketing After The Algorithm Change – Business2Community

Well, the measuring and optimizing is done quickly in this case: If I want to reach 10,000 people with my post and I can’t or don’t want to pay Facebook for it, I will have to go somewhere else.

For small and medium businesses with a tight budget, Facebook has become a platform that can only run on the side in order to catch “strugglers”. Social media marketing is done better elsewhere.

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The Non-Sense Big Marketing Agencies Are Selling To Big Brands – How Brands Can Do Better In Social Media

This article shows the non-sense big marketing agencies are selling to big brands and how brands can do better in having some ROI from their efforts. – Social Media Is A Sales Driver, If You Treat It As Such! 

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Social Media Marketing For B2B – Infographic

Social Media is not only a preferred tool for B2C marketers, but over the past two years also became a major tool for B2B marketers. The reasons are clear, brand awareness and revenue generation are important to every business, not matter to whom you are selling. Both, and a few other goals, can be accomplished […]

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Content Marketing Is The Big Winner In Digital Marketing – Infographic

Content marketing is the big winner in digital marketing. And it slowly but surely even filters through with big brands. Well, at least those that are getting sick and tired of spending loads of money for nothing. Too many businesses and brands are still investing fortunes in fruitless marketing campaigns, put together by big agencies […]

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Google+ And Your Social Media Marketing Strategy – Infographic

Google+ is a topic everywhere in social media and marketing circles. The platform is winning over slowly major influencers in the industries, for good reason. Strong content and engagement can get you somewhere, if you have to market products and services. Unlike Facebook, where only a full “war chest” allows you to “market” everything, Google+ […]