Amazon Behind The Glamorous Storefront – Not So Glamorous – Infographic

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With $48.1 billion in net sales last year, Amazon is certainly the leading Internet retailer. But how does the company fare in other areas, such as employee satisfaction and corporate social responsibility?

Not so well, according to an infographic from MBAOnline, a website that curates business information from the top minds in the blogosphere.

In fact, Amazon seems to put saving money ahead of many other priorities. For example, on a 102-degree day in June 2011, 15 workers in an Amazon warehouse collapsed from the lack of air conditioning, six of whom needed to be rushed to the emergency room. And despite a $5 billion cash reserve, Amazon donates nothing to charities — if an employee wants to deduct a donation from his or her paycheck, he or she has to pay an additional fee…Read More


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  1. abdulrbutt says:

    the most amazing part is pezo’s salary this guy is making a space ship center in texas can’t imagine its possible with 81,000$

  2. Sandor says:

    Reblogged this on Sandor Benko's Reblog Blog 😉 -> On to for full blog! and commented:
    Why you wouldn’t want to work at Amazon 😉

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