Design And Functionality Go Hand In Hand In Apple Products – Infographic

Apple and Steve Jobs have given design the importance it deserves when it comes to product development. While functionality is important, a good looking product makes a lot of fence sitters fall over on the side of a well designed and good looking product. Different looking products can also spark a run. Just remember Apple’s introduction of the iMac many years ago. But Apple have also mastered to combine functionality and design. The “good looking” plays right into the functionality of the products. They have kept up with their idea of good product and it is not by chance, there is a system and idea behind it all.

This infographic gives some insights and an overview over Apple’s idea on how a good product has to be developed. Have a look.

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: TopWebDesignSchools

Apples Design 0123

Vitus Feldmann

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