Apple Store employee doesn’t have to be a genius to call the cops, rescues kidnap victim

If you thought those recent Genius ads were hokey, perhaps consider how helpful Apple Store employees can be. This past Saturday night a woman in Louisville, KY was allegedly kidnapped by 32-year-old Victor A. Sarver, Jr. and forced at gunpoint to purchase numerous phones at her expense. Upon arriving at an Apple Store, however, she was able to notify an Apple Store employee to her plight. The employee discreetly alerted the authorities, and Sarver, aka “Greg” (the name he used online to lure the woman to divulge her info) was arrested by the authorities. According to WDRB, Sarver’s arrest report notes his changing story, sworn testimony from the Apple Store employee and pictures of conversations between the victim and “Greg.” Looks like those Mac Genius ads weren’t lying — Apple Store employees are quite helpful in a pinch. Techies on Twitter seem to agree.

By: The Next Web

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