Barclay’s English Premier League: Clash of the Giants, Liverpool win over Manchester United opens up championship again.

Life has changed for Liverpool FC and Manchester United. While the Kops made it out of their crisis, Manchester United might just face one. Unbeaten for a long time, United now is facing strong headwinds and must increase speed again in order to hold off the hunters. Especially Arsenal, with a game on hand and United still have to visit the Gunners,  is back in the race and in pure theory can win the Championship on its own power.

Compared to the last “Clash of the Giants” in January, the situation is a complete different one (read our report from January 10th, Liverpool and the p…”). Liverpool has found new strength while Manchester United in the meantime lost a few games and experienced a few other headwinds such as injury problems and suspensions (Vidic for today’s game).

Liverpool controlled the game for the entire first half and took advantage of Suarez’ outstanding presentation at Anfield Road. While The “Uru” didn’t score, he had direct influence on two of the three goals. Dirk Kuijt, in both cases, just had to tip the ball over the line and made the Liverpool supporters flying high after a long period of disappointment. It seemed United had given up on the game after 39 minutes. Only Jamie Carragher’s almost idiotic action against Nani two minutes before halftime, brought United back into the game. At the start of the second half, United displayed much more effort and was about to create chances for a turnaround. Only Kuijt’s third finally sealed United faith.

The new strength and confidence should help the Kops in their efforts to reach 5th place and qualification for the Europa League. Andy Carroll’s first appearance since his transfer to Anfield Road, further fuels Liverpool hopes. United now faces the challenge to calm the nerves and find composure for the next tasks. Further mistakes can lead to a loss of the Championship.

Vitus Feldmann

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