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The Internet and social media made the world a small place. People from all over the place meet and get to know each other and great friendships develop.

By the nature of my work, I interact a lot with people on social media. Posting, participating in groups and communities and checking what others are posting are almost daily activities. A few months ago I ran into Farah Godoy, a Spanish woman living in the Granada area in Spain. Farah is very active on Google+ and created a considerable fan base. That’s not really a surprise, she is a very attractive lady, interacts and engages on social media and, most important, she is a very nice and kind person. Over the past weeks she became a friend and fan of me and my New York City photos.

In my opinion, nice people deserve support. In the social media world sharing the word is important. So, I thought it is a good idea to let those that are looking for nice people know about Farah.

The photos below belong to Farah and she gave me her permission to re-post them. You can find her on Google+. Add her to your circles and engage.

BeFunky_Farah Godoy3 Farah Godoy 10 Farah Godoy Farah Godoy1 Farah Godoy4 Farah Godoy7 Farah Godoy8 Farah Godoy9 Farah Godoy11

Vitus Feldmann

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3 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    Perfection captured!

  2. Manoj Ahuja says:

    FARAH you are to to Good

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