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Video Whats The Price 0106

Visual Marketing: Video Is The Most Powerful Tool – Infographic

Visual marketing materials, or posts, are very popular and have an increased click ratio. Sites that offer image and photo posting are experiencing major growth rates. However, images and photos are not the only visual impressions of a brand. Video is the other visual option for brands to engage their...

Google CTR The Thing With0103

Search And SEO: The Problem With Appearing On Page One – Infographic

Most business owners would rather not deal with search and SEO, nor do most bloggers. For many the subject is so complicated that they have the feeling there is nothing they can do, other then pay Google to put them on top of the list. If you are under pressure,...

Social Media For Start Ups0103

Social Media For Start-Ups – Infographic

Social Media is a powerful tool for all businesses. Start-Ups are no exception. While they face tremendous pressure and challenges such as limited manpower and infrastructure, social media can still be of major support. This infographic shows how start-ups can approach social media and be successful with it. Infographic Source:...

Soccer Is Life: Which Is The Best European Soccer Team? – Infographic

Soccer Is Life: Which Is The Best European Soccer Team? – Infographic

Soccer, or football, is fiercely discussed in the most parts of the world. Fans of all clubs tend to sell their clubs as the best. Those statements are not always most accurate, because there is a lot of emotion in the topic and wearing a club hat while judging other...

Crowdfunding Your Business Which Type 0101

Crowdfunding For Small Business: Which Type To Use? – Infographic

Over the past few years small businesses have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to financing needs. After the financial crisis banks weren’t in a positions to hand out loans, they themselves needed capital. More recently, crowdfunding became a popular method for small businesses to...

YouTube Earned Media Owned Media 0101

YouTube For Brands: Popularity Of Earned Media vs. Owned Media – Infographic

We all have asked ourselves what is the best way to get publicity on YouTube. Sure, creating a video that instantly goes viral is like hitting the lottery. However, not every video goes viral. Usually brands create a video and post it to their channels, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so...

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