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Search and Social

Combining Search And Social Is Mandatory | Infographic

Combining search and social media can improve your marketing results. Promoting your articles, products and services in the online world is a major task these days. With millions of sites and blogs looking to sell the same of the above it is important to rank high in search results. When...

Silicon valley Entrepreneurs

Hollywood’s Entourage vs. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs | IG

With TV shows like Silicon Valley, CNBC’s The Profit and Shark Tank and a few others, technology entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in general are rising in peoples popularity. Entrepreneurship is getting a boost and these aspiring business people are thankful and taking it in. The infographic below from Market Domination Media...

How Consumers Shop Online

How Consumers Shop Online | Infographic

Consumers shop online. The business of selling online has increased dramatically over the past decade. Social media, increased and advanced online access and adequate mobile devices have given online business and shopping a major push. Honoring the fact, marketers and business owners have improved their online shops and added features...

Growth Hacking How To Promote Your Start-Up Website

Growth Hacking | How To Successfully Launch Your Start-Up Website | IG

How about growth hacking as a techniques to launch your start-up’s new website or blog? For those that are not familiar with the term, growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. Gaining traffic...

Mobile Photography, Photo Business

Mobile Photography | How It Has Changed The Photo Business | IG

With smartphones and small tablets in the hands of almost everyone, photography and the photo business has changed over the past years. Mobile photography offered an opportunity for many creative people to find a business opportunity. I know what I am talking about. About two years ago I took same...

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