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Blogging and writing has its challenges. Knowing the ways to promote your latest article or post is key to get the piece in front of people. While seasoned bloggers and writers have their own ways, some of them are mentioned here, newcomers and owners of new blogs might need some help.

Have a look at the infographic below and see 9 ways to promote your latest post or article. Some might look logical, others  might sound “different”. Whichever it is for you, all of them will have influence on your success. Additional tip, type “blogging” in the search box on top. The results will give you more tips and hints to increase your audience.

Do you have more effective ways to promote posts and articles? Feel free to leave your tips in the comment section. For those seeking help with blogging and promotions, feel free to contact me.

Infographic Source: Wiley Asia Blog

Promote Your Article

Promote Your Article

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