Brittany Thelemann @RealMissMNusa – 2011 Miss USA Pageant

While attending a BlogWorld party in NYC, I met a few of the contenders for the “2011 Miss USA Pageant” title. After speaking to all of them,  I determined my favorite for the competition, Brittany Thelemann.

The time I had to speak with these ladies was limited to about 5 minutes each. That’s not a lot, but I must say that in these 5 minutes, Brittany was the most personable of all, or appeared to be the easiest to talk to on a level of normal conversation. At first, I thought the reason for the easy established conversation was our common German heritage, but after careful consideration, it wasn’t that. Brittany’s German roots are to far in the past, as one would consider her German. She is more an “All American Girl” and seems to have what it takes to win.

I was able to throw in “a piece to jump on” for all in order to create a conversation off the Miss USA competition. Brittany was the only one that was able to get off that topic and seemed to be a very nice and kind person.

While such an event as the “2011 Miss USA Pageant” are usually off my radar, I promised her to vote for her, which I did. Follow Brittany @RealMissMNusa on Twitter and trust my judgment to vote for her on . Good luck, Brittany!

Vitus Feldmann

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