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Why Your Business Must Market On Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing: The Reasons Why You Should Do It, 30 Of Them – Infographic

For those that wonder why they should have a presence on Pinterest, here is a list of at least 30 reasons why you should be on there. In general, EVERY retailer should be on there. Pinterest is one of the best platforms when you look for an option to visualize your products in your attempt to market.

Have a look at this infographic and see the reasons why you should be there. Most likely you will run out of excuses, if you don’t have a presence yet.

Infographic Source: Omnicore

Why Your Business Must Market On Pinterest

Building A Strong Presence On Google+ 0225

Social Media: Create And Improve Your Google+ Presence – Infographic

Google+ is on its way to catch up with Facebook and become the dominant social media platform. Not having a presence on Google+ can cost you, if you are using social media to promote your business and content.

Have a look at this infographic and see how you can build your presence or improve your current one.

Infographic Source: Twelveskip

Building A Strong Presence On Google+ 0225

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook Splashed The Cash – Facts And Numbers Behind The What’sApp Deal – Infographic

Facebook has splashed the cash again. The receiver of the “bucks”, What’sApp and its owners and stakeholders. $19 Billion did the social media leader spent on the messaging app and with that, the transaction became the biggest social media deal so far. Looking at the infographic reveals some inflationary pricing, considering that Instagram was bought for $1 Billion and Snapchat was offered $3 Billion by Facebook not that long ago.

The infographic reveals a few other interesting numbers. That What’sApp is sending 500 million images a day compared to the 350 million sent by Facebook might look like a surprise to many. Have a look and see what else is worth mentioning around this deal.

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: TechInfographics

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook Revenue Where Is It Coming From

Facebook Revenue: Where Is It Coming From? – Infographic

Facebook is for sure the biggest social media player around. While everyone else has troubles creating sufficient revenue, Zuckerberg and his people seem to have it down. Revenues are considered top notch.

Some might wonder were its all coming from. Well, marketing and advertising executives love the site. Have a look at this infographic and see were and how Facebook creates revenue. Whether all this keeps growing in the future is a different question. For now, it is what it is, good!

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: BestManagementDegrees

Facebook Revenue Where Is It Coming From



10 Years Of Facebook Timeline 0206

Facebook: The Elephant In The Social Media Room – A Timeline – Infographic

Facebook is the elephant in the social media room! Not a day goes by when the company is not in the news. Not only is the platform the biggest of all, it is also the most discussed and under scrutiny daily for various reasons. These days Facebook will be around for 10 years. Have a look at this infographic with a 10 year timeline and some of the most important milestones.

Infographic Source: International Business Times

10 Years Of Facebook Timeline 0206

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Social Media Blunder: Manchester United Follows JP Morgan With Ridiculous Twitter Campaign

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Monday is a day of catching up in the office. As a social media consultant with a life, my activities over the weekend are for the most part limited. I hang out with my daughter, with my girlfriend and/or enjoy New York City. I also watch a lot of soccer, as much as the two above allow it.

Today I read in the soccer and social media news how Manchester United’s marketing, pr and social media department allowed a major NoNo to happen. The experts put poor player Michael Carrick on the hot seat and let him be grilled by their own fans and fans of the opposition. Manchester United launched a Twitter hashtag #AskCarrick and people from all over the place started firing.

The club is going through a major crisis at this time. With famous Sir Alex Ferguson retired and a new coach in place, the change hasn’t been blessed with great success. That in itself is to no surprise to those that have an understanding of the sport. Changing leadership, especially in this case, will cause some hick-ups and it might take some time until the great English soccer club will be back to “normal”.

Two months ago a major US bank made a similar mistake. They put an executive, one that had some major activity in the financial crisis going on, on Twitter with the hashtag #AskJPM. Going through all kind of crisis’, no wonder that attempt to engage with “fans” went out of hand as well, and the press reported about it with delight. And so it is happening with poor Michael Carrick, who got a cold shower from participants. Check some of the tweets below:




More Tweets can be found here:

I am wondering how these marketing/pr/social media departments tick. Has anyone an idea how much this can hurt a brand or marketing revenues? How about protecting your employees from public punishment? No?

Lesson number one for social media people in times of crisis (and you should know this if you work for organizations such as JP Morgan or Manchester United):

“Don’t set your employees or players up for a beating from the angry public if your organization already has major problems to keep the lid on a boiling pot of water”.

There are so many ways to use social media to your advantage, don’t complicate things with foolish activities. And sometimes it is even better to just proceed with daily business and not run any extraordinary activities until a major win is booked.

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Facebook Q4 Earnings: Not Everything That Shines Is Gold – What To Consider When Evaluating

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Facebook reported Q4 earnings and the numbers were great! Consequently, the stock price surged. Everyone invested in the company is smiling and some of those that are not, are not so happy. Don’t be sad, if you are not invested, not everything that shines is Gold! Here is why:

The first thing you need to understand before you celebrate the results is, these are numbers created by selling advertising in the different forms the company offers it. That still doesn’t confirm that the product actually works and these numbers will be the same at the end of the next quarter. They might, nor they might not.

Keep in mind, it was Holiday season and everyone spent the biggest chunk of their annual advertising budget. Also, if you need an indication on how Facebook advertising might work, have a look at the Q4 results of those that actually do the advertising. There are quite some “long faces” to look at. I am not blaming Facebook for the weak Christmas season of the retailers, there are quite some other factors to consider, but I keep having my thoughts on Facebook’s business model and the value of advertising on the platform. I am also sure, that advertisers will have their second thoughts on the success rate of their advertising on Facebook and at one point spend money otherwise.

While I am saying this, I also want to remind you that it doesn’t matter how many users Facebook has, all that matters is how many of these users actually click on advertising and follow through with sales. Based on your behavior when you are on Facebook doing your thing, you can get an idea of how good the product is.

Also important to consider, if you base your decisions about buying the stock on “trusted sources” like Wall Street Analysts, keep in mind that they only crunch numbers from the past, there is barely a common sense statement regarding the future. Also, they might follow own interests, or not. You decide.

Hand in hand with reporting the numbers, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated “Facebook’s future might not entirely rest on Facebook itself”. I am not saying this is an acknowledgement of weakness, but I would strongly agree with him. Facebook has acquired and keeps acquiring other businesses and some of them could to have a bright future, which, in my opinion, Facebook itself doesn’t have.

So, if you are bullish on Facebook, consider these things. You might be happy you have.

Disclaimer: The statements made are my own opinion based on what is reported in the various news sources and my understanding of the markets and the industries. If you look for financial advice, check back with your bank or other sources. Read the disclaimer as well.

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Venture Capital Investment: Start-Ups That Have Reached $1 Billion In Value

This infographic shows a list of global start-ups that have reached $1 Billion in value. Keep in mind, not by worth of business (revenue, profit), but by Venture Capital firm investment. The discussion is on, on whether some of these companies can still be called start-ups, after being around for years.

The Journal and Dow Jones Venture Source are tracking companies that are valued at $1 billion or more by venture-capital firms. The club is becoming less exclusive as venture capitalists funnel large sums of capital in the best start-ups

Infographic Source: WSJ

Startups With More Than One Billion 0128

Apples Design 0123

Design And Functionality Go Hand In Hand In Apple Products – Infographic

Apple and Steve Jobs have given design the importance it deserves when it comes to product development. While functionality is important, a good looking product makes a lot of fence sitters fall over on the side of a well designed and good looking product. Different looking products can also spark a run. Just remember Apple’s introduction of the iMac many years ago. But Apple have also mastered to combine functionality and design. The “good looking” plays right into the functionality of the products. They have kept up with their idea of good product and it is not by chance, there is a system and idea behind it all.

This infographic gives some insights and an overview over Apple’s idea on how a good product has to be developed. Have a look.

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: TopWebDesignSchools

Apples Design 0123