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Doing Business In China: Small Businesses Can Do Too

Sometimes at the beginning of 2011 I met Helen Liu, the founder and principle of Wall Street Chinese, a small firm specializing in consulting businesses of all sizes when they attempt to do business in China. From the beginning I thought Helen has an amazing business at hand. Who wouldn’t love to do business in China? China business has come a long way over the years and still has a lot of growth potential. As a matter of fact, the most has still to come! Businesses, mostly the bigger ones, know that and want to be involved. Think about it, if you have a product to sell, wouldn’t you like a market like the Chinese?

Since our first meeting in 2011, Helen and Wall Street Chinese have helped corporations in many industries to set foot and get settled in China. The financial industry, hospitality and real estate are just a few that took advantage of Helen’s wealth of experience and know how. Some, that have already established presences in China, send their employees that are involved or about to get involved, to the Wall Street Chinese to learn about the new business culture they are about to face.

In a recent meeting I asked Helen about small and medium sized businesses and their efforts to get involved in China business. Helen stated that there is, at this time, not a lot of interest in that community. While it kind of surprises me, it goes hand in hand with my experience in that business community. Helping businesses with marketing and business development, I often get the message that small and medium sized businesses hesitate to take the steps to do business in China. While everyone sees the market and business potential, the most common “excuse” for not tackling the market is “the Chinese copy and steal everything”. While there is something to it, and you would learn in Helen’s class why that is, it is not as bad as most describe it. And by the way, I run a small photo business as well, and the copyright issues I deal with are not coming from China, if you know what I mean. I do agree that China seems far away for the most of us in the Western hemisphere, but don’t let that blindfold you and miss out on a great opportunity to grow your business.

Doing business in China is open for all businesses, not only “big business”. There is plenty of information available with the various Chambers of Commerce and other organizations to master formalities, and there is a great opportunity to learn about doing business in China with the Wall Street Chinese, Helen Liu and others.

For more information on how to do business in China, contact Wall Street Chinese or Helen Liu here.

Google Is Changing Education 0120

Google Is Changing The World: This Time It Is Education – Infographic

Google is a company that is not appreciated by everyone, for many different reasons. However, the company is also loved by many for just as much reasons or even more. One thing is for sure, Google has an impact on everyone’s life and has changed many different things we do.

This infographic shows how Google makes an impact on education and while doing so, will change it for everyone. Have a look.

Infographic Source: TopMastersInEducation

Google Is Changing Education 0120

Inspiration For The Classroom – Teachers Using Pinterest

Logo TheMainStreetAnalyst 8713679455_e0394e3f7e_zFor three elementary school teachers in San Francisco, Pinterest is a window into other classrooms – a virtual chalkboard where they can view lesson plans and fresh ideas from other educators without leaving their desks.

“The uses are endless!” said Brianna Boedecker, who teaches 4th and 5th graders at Grattan Elementary school. Boedecker was planning her dream wedding on Pinterest when she discovered that she could get ideas for school projects there as well. Continue reading

10 Financial Lessons To Learn From Warren Buffet – Infographic

One of the great things about Buffett is that his financial philosophy comes down to common sense and hard work. It’s accessible. It makes sense. And because of that, it’s a philosophy that can be used by just about anyone. So what does Buffet advocate? Continue reading

One Billion Entrepreneurs! Who Are They? – Infographic

Today the number of entrepreneurs in the world is 380 million. That means for every nineteen people you meet – one will be an entrepreneur. Is that a lot? I think that’s very low actually. What are the other 18 doing? Ok, some of them are kids, some are seniors. Then again, these categories probably would benefit the most from being entrepreneurs because they have a hard time getting a job. Continue reading

Infographics: Facts, Trends and Impact – Infographic

How IGs Impact Social Networks?

- The first IG was published in 1626, but has only become truly popular since 2009
- Traditional Posts vs. IG Posts
- Twitter averages
- Traditional = 62 retweets
- IGs = 587 retweets
- Linkedin averages
- Traditional = 7 shares
- IGs = 51 shares
- Stumbleupon
- Traditional = 39 pageviews
- IGs = 330 pageviews
- With the right topic, an IG can reach up to 15 million people

Trends in IGs – According to Google

Google ranks trends from 0-100 giving a number to a keyword based on how often it is searched compared to other keywords
- Keyword “Infographic”
- Peak Ranks per Year:
- 2004: 12
- 2009: 14
- 2010: 28
- 2011: 62
- 2012: 100
- Global Ranks (top 6):
- Philippines: 60
- South Africa: 56
- New Zealand: 50
- Netherlands: 41
- India: 38
- US: 38
- Rank by City (top 6):
- Singapore: 100
- Bangalore: 59
- San Francisco: 58
- Sydney: 39
- Chicago: 36
- Melbourne: 33

View, Like, Comment

Some of the most viewed, liked and commented on infographics in recent history
- What are the Odds?
- How Much Can You Trust a Bearded Man?
- Should I Text Him? – Flowchart with tips for helping to navigate relationships.
- Evolution of the Geek
- Why Startups Fail – Startup Genome project analyzed data and came up with some answers
- The Work We do to Pay Taxes – How much do we work for “the man” on any given day?
- Headache: Everything You Need to Know – Different types of headaches, causes and treatments
- Formal Dining Setting – What you need to know for your fancy dinner party
- We All Want to be Young – The power of today’s youth came directly from those before them
- Kitchen Cheat Sheet – All the interesting info you need when cooking
- Advertising vs. Reality – Fast food items were purchased, taken home and photographed immediately

Topic Trends

Number of IGs per category out of 25,927 IGs (on
- Animals – 329 (1.3%)
- Business – 3,289 (12.7%)
- Computers – 1,003 (3.9%)
- Economy – 1,885 (7.2%)
- Education – 1,089 (4.2%)
- Entertainment – 1,136 (4.4%)
- Environment – 882 (3.4%)
- Food – 852 (3.3%)
- Gaming – 246 (0.9%)
- Geography – 356 (1.4%)
- Health – 1,752 (6.8%)
- History – 112 (0.4%)
- Home – 205 (0.8%)
- How To – 363 (1.4%)
- Human Rights – 140 (0.5%)
- Humor – 435 (1.7%)
- Lifestyle – 1,470 (5.7%)
- Love & Sex – 331 (1.3%)
- Olympics – 185 (0.7%)
- Other – 911 (3.5%)
- Politics – 1,096 (4.2%)
- Science – 456 (1.8%)
- Social Media – 2,348 (9%)
- Sports – 962 (3.7%)
- Technology – 2,597 (10%)
- Transportation – 795 (3.1%)
- Travel – 566 (2.2%)

Infographic Companies

A Google search shows these 3 at the top of the list for “Best Infographic Companies”
- – “We bet you’ve already seen our work”
- – As seen on CNN, NYT and Mashable
- – “Go viral with awesome infographics!”