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The Main Street Analyst – The Highlights Of Week 47

Social Media And Sales, Real Estate And Social Media, Facebook And Finding New Customers, The Opportunity Of Native Advertising, Content Marketing In 2014. Check out the posts of week 47.

Social Media Is A Never Ending Marathon And The Next Big Thing Is Sales

Social Media is always moving. What happened yesterday might not be relevant today. Using social media just for brand awareness and looking good won’t be enough for big retail brands anymore. Sales is the next big thing…


Real Estate Marketing And Social Media

Social Media is the perfect platform to support sales activities for everyone that sells a product where the visual impact is important. Real Estate is one of the industries that can take big advantage of the medium…


Finding Customers In The Big Facebook Pond

Businesses have always tried to find new customers on Facebook. It all started with advertising and becomes now more and more aggressive. Have a look at this infographic and see how to fish in the big Facebook pond…


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Native Advertising And Its Opportunities

Native Advertising is not really that well understood with marketers. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even know what it really means. This infographic gives an explanation and shows the opportunity…


Content Marketing 2014: Trends, Benchmarks And Budgets

Content Marketing has become incredible popular with marketers and has created many success stories. See how marketers and brands adjust budgets, efforts and staff to take advantage…


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Facebook’s Privacy Policy Change – Infographic

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