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Fashion: The Evolution Of Lingerie

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Week 48: Most Popular Social Media And Marketing Posts – And A Fashion Add-On

This week’s leaders are in the area of digital marketing, content marketing, trends in marketing for 2014, a guide for better business use of Twitter and how we all have been influenced by social media. The Top Hit describes how narcissism and the selfie syndrom have been fueled by social media, namely by Facebook and Twitter. Check it out, interesting stuff.

As an add-on from the fashion category and on the more humorous side, “The Handbag Personality Test”. That one is not only interesting for the ladies.

2013 Digital Marketing Statistics – Stunning Details

Marketing In 2014 – Trends That Will Drive The Year

A Guide For Better Business Use Of Twitter

How We All Have Been Influenced By Social Media

Content Marketing In 2014 – Trends, Benchmarks And Budgets


Top Hit: Facebook, Twitter, Narcissism And The Selfie Syndrom


Also Popular: Fashion – The Handbag Personality Test (Not Only Interesting For The Ladies)

Fashion: The Handbag Personality Test (Not Only Interesting For The Ladies) – Infographic

We are used to all kind of personality tests. Today, we have one related to handbags and what your handbag style says about you. An interesting infographic, not only for the ladies.

Infographic Source: LoveMyVouchers

Fashion Handbag Personality Test 1129

Beautiful People: Metisha Larocca By Talent Nation USA

Well, it’s not Sunday anymore, but have a good day anyway!

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Hollywood’s Obsession With The Legend Of Miss Dior

Christian Dior wasn’t just a top fashion designer — he also created a revolution by spraying the room of his first fashion show with perfume: the legendary fragrance Miss Dior was born. In an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, the LVMH brand is retracing the history of Miss Dior and its links to fashion. Bloomberg took an exclusive tour. (Source: Bloomberg)