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Investing: Who Are Mutual Fund Investors – Infographic

Mutual Funds have been important vehicles for investors to create retirement funds and wealth. After the financial crisis had hit investors, there have been reports of capital “flow outs” of Mutual Funds. This infographic shows who is investing in Mutual Funds. There are some interesting facts and trends. Have a...


The History Of Bitcoin And How It Came Together – Infographic

Bitcoin has become a valid currency, at least for some. Others look at the currency from the skeptical side and refer to risks this currency could bear for “regular” currencies and economies. For the most part, people sit in between knowing not much about the virtual currency. Over the past...


Google Is A Search Giant…Not Only: Stats And Facts About A Tech Powerhouse – Infographic

For many Google is a search engine. Well, that’s true, but its by far not all what Google is. The company is a giant in search and in many other areas of technology. A true tech giant. Have a look at this infographic and see what else Google does, besides...

How We All Have Been Influenced By Social Media (5 Year Review) – Infographic

How We All Have Been Influenced By Social Media (5 Year Review) – Infographic

Social Media has made a tremendous impact on all our lives. And it doesn’t even matter if you are on it, or not. This infographic shows some major events from the last five years of social media and how it has evolved. Have a look. Infographic Source: Hootsuite

Here’s How to Build the Next Big Web Empire

Here’s How to Build the Next Big Web Empire

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder at, discusses what it takes to make it in the booming tech economy in the United States, the new attitude of start-ups and his efforts to spread the internet revolution across the country. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Inside’s $100M Week-Long Tech Mecca

Inside’s $100M Week-Long Tech Mecca

This week tech nerds from across the globe descend on San Francisco for’s Dreamforce, the largest cloud conference of the year…but why does the software company spend millions of dollars for tech and music A-listers to make the cloud look sexy? Bloomberg’s editor-at-large Cory Johnson gets an inside look....

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