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Week 48: Most Popular Social Media And Marketing Posts – And A Fashion Add-On

This week’s leaders are in the area of digital marketing, content marketing, trends in marketing for 2014, a guide for better business use of Twitter and how we all have been influenced by social media. The Top Hit describes how narcissism and the selfie syndrom have been fueled by social media, namely by Facebook and Twitter. Check it out, interesting stuff.

As an add-on from the fashion category and on the more humorous side, “The Handbag Personality Test”. That one is not only interesting for the ladies.

2013 Digital Marketing Statistics – Stunning Details

Marketing In 2014 – Trends That Will Drive The Year

A Guide For Better Business Use Of Twitter

How We All Have Been Influenced By Social Media

Content Marketing In 2014 – Trends, Benchmarks And Budgets


Top Hit: Facebook, Twitter, Narcissism And The Selfie Syndrom


Also Popular: Fashion – The Handbag Personality Test (Not Only Interesting For The Ladies)

The Reasons Why We Would Love To Get Rid Of The Internet – Infographic

Yeah, the Internet! We all had our days when we decided this is it, “I am not doing this nonsense anymore”. Years later, we are still on there, and probably more engaged than ever. It seems nothing works without the Internet. Anyway, have a look at this Infographic and have a smile about the reasons why we sometimes would like to throw the computer out of the window.

Infographic Source: TheMapleKind

Reasons To Get Rid Of The Internet

How Rednecks Use Social Media – Infographic

Almost everyone is using social media. And so do Rednecks. Have a look at this infographic from AvaLaunch Media and see how social media is used south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Enjoy, and, always smile!

Source: AvalaunchMedia

Rednecks Use Of Social Media 1123

Soccer is life: Cristiano Ronaldo Is The New King Of Soccer – See (And Hear) What It Means To Some People

For those that still believe soccer has no influence on people’s life, here is a video from Portugal’s latest Worldcup qualifier against Sweden. The Portuguese won 3-2 and Cristiano Ronaldo scored all three goals. Have a look and enjoy the joy people and Nuno Matos have in a simple soccer game. Clearly, Soccer Is Life!

Obrigado Ronaldo , Obrigado Portugal !!! Mundial 2014 (ANTENA 1)
Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Hat-trick destory Sweden
Hat-trick de Ronaldo embala Portugal para o Mundial-2014 (3-2)
Mundial 2014

2013/2014 FC Real Madrid Home Ronaldo #7 Football Soccer Kids Jersey with FREE Shorts & Socks Set

Humor: Celebrity Battles On Twitter – Infographic



Oh, celebrities. What happens when the rich and famous figure out that they can broadcast their every thought out into the world immediately via their cell phone, without the intervention or advice of their manager, publicist or other PR staff? Celebrity Twitter Battles, that’s what happens.

Have a look to see what’s going on.

Source: HostGator

Got Humor? Google’s Revenue In The Wrong Hands – Infographic

how-a-supervillain-would-spend-googles-revenue_51dabaeaf1b87Google has long-held the motto “don’t be evil,” but what if their 50.2 billion dollars in revenue made it into the wrong hands?

There’s almost no limit to what could be done. In this hand-drawn, comic book-style infographic, Customer Magnetism explores what could happen if a super villain got a hold of Google’s 2012 revenue. From buying a secret submarine lair in Norway, to a crew of robot butlers serving up diamond martinis, to Facebook, and even equipping hammer-head sharks with laser fins, all of the items and their prices are based on reality (though the labor costs involved in getting lasers on the sharks might raise the price quite a bit). Continue reading