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Digital Marketing And Small Business Owners: “New Waters” And Insecurity About The Subject Prevents them From Doing Better

Small Business Owners are busy people. Many of them are running their operations successfully for decades. With social media, digital and websites technologies becoming major marketing and business subjects, many of the “old guard” business owners are overwhelmed with what all this means. Many people smile or laugh about this,...


Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Business – A Social Media Field Guide

There are many social media platforms out there. While currently Facebook is the most commonly used platform for most people to interact which each other, it doesn’t mean Facebook is the best for your business. Your product or service, market and your target audience might be more concentrated on another...


Twitter Followers: 7 Tips To Get More Of Them – Infographic

In order to get our content read by someone we need followers. That is true for every social media platform and it is no difference with Twitter. Posting awesome content is nice but worth not much, if it doesn’t end up in someone’s stream. This infographic from Wishpond shows 7...


Google Is A Search Giant…Not Only: Stats And Facts About A Tech Powerhouse – Infographic

For many Google is a search engine. Well, that’s true, but its by far not all what Google is. The company is a giant in search and in many other areas of technology. A true tech giant. Have a look at this infographic and see what else Google does, besides...


Facebook, Twitter, Narcissism And The Selfie Syndrom – Infographic

That too much exposure to the internet and social media creates some changes in people is established for a while. Does that lead to the downfall of society? What do you think? Read also: Travel For Geeks: 3 Cities Of The Future Have a look at this infographic and see...


Travel For Geeks: 3 Cities Of The Future – Infographic

Technology has made the world a small place. It has shortened the distance between people and helps people to move across the world. With the fact established that people move faster and easier, some cities have developed a name for themselves as the places to be in the future. Have...

Why Local SEO? Because People Still Shop Local – Infographic

Why Local SEO? Because People Still Shop Local – Infographic

People shop local. Makes sense, doesn’t it? For businesses to get better results when their (local) potential customers search for products and services, websites and blogs need to be adjusted for local search. This infographic gives some basic tips on how to set up your website and social media presence...

Link Building For SEO the Headaches 1129

SEO And Search Traffic: Is Link Building Still Important?

Link building in order to take advantage of something has always been around. Recently, changes in search algorithm’s have put the practice of link building to improve search rankings on the spot. The practice has always had its black sheeps and they still ruin it for many of us. For...

How We All Have Been Influenced By Social Media (5 Year Review) – Infographic

How We All Have Been Influenced By Social Media (5 Year Review) – Infographic

Social Media has made a tremendous impact on all our lives. And it doesn’t even matter if you are on it, or not. This infographic shows some major events from the last five years of social media and how it has evolved. Have a look. Infographic Source: Hootsuite

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