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Doing Business In China: Small Businesses Can Do Too

Sometimes at the beginning of 2011 I met Helen Liu, the founder and principle of Wall Street Chinese, a small firm specializing in consulting businesses of all sizes when they attempt to do business in China. From the beginning I thought Helen has an amazing business at hand. Who wouldn’t love to do business in China? China business has come a long way over the years and still has a lot of growth potential. As a matter of fact, the most has still to come! Businesses, mostly the bigger ones, know that and want to be involved. Think about it, if you have a product to sell, wouldn’t you like a market like the Chinese?

Since our first meeting in 2011, Helen and Wall Street Chinese have helped corporations in many industries to set foot and get settled in China. The financial industry, hospitality and real estate are just a few that took advantage of Helen’s wealth of experience and know how. Some, that have already established presences in China, send their employees that are involved or about to get involved, to the Wall Street Chinese to learn about the new business culture they are about to face.

In a recent meeting I asked Helen about small and medium sized businesses and their efforts to get involved in China business. Helen stated that there is, at this time, not a lot of interest in that community. While it kind of surprises me, it goes hand in hand with my experience in that business community. Helping businesses with marketing and business development, I often get the message that small and medium sized businesses hesitate to take the steps to do business in China. While everyone sees the market and business potential, the most common “excuse” for not tackling the market is “the Chinese copy and steal everything”. While there is something to it, and you would learn in Helen’s class why that is, it is not as bad as most describe it. And by the way, I run a small photo business as well, and the copyright issues I deal with are not coming from China, if you know what I mean. I do agree that China seems far away for the most of us in the Western hemisphere, but don’t let that blindfold you and miss out on a great opportunity to grow your business.

Doing business in China is open for all businesses, not only “big business”. There is plenty of information available with the various Chambers of Commerce and other organizations to master formalities, and there is a great opportunity to learn about doing business in China with the Wall Street Chinese, Helen Liu and others.

For more information on how to do business in China, contact Wall Street Chinese or Helen Liu here.

Small Business Beating Big Brands On Social Media – Infographic

Small business is still the main driver for the U.S. economy. It also turns out that small  businesses are ahead of the big brands when it comes to social media. While many of the big brands still hide behind “brand awareness” rather than using social media for business generation, small businesses have already discovered that social media can create new business.

Have a look at the infographic and see how small businesses make things happen on social media.

Infographic Source: LinkedIn Blog

Social Small Business 0310


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Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses: At First You Are An Underdog. So What?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are a special breed. Knowing lots of them and being one myself, I know very well the ups and downs of the status. Many of us dream about being successful with what we have created, but many of us can’t realize the dream of getting big, for various reasons. Some of the reasons that make many give up are lack of patience, persistence and ability of “taking hits and adjust”.

Having a top product, in your opinion, is often not good enough. Sometimes it takes years to get ready for the “big launch”. Have a look at this slideshare from Firmex and see how other entrepreneurs and business owners made out before they became big. At the time, calling some of them “Underdog” was already a stretch. Hint, this is a good motivator for those that are on the edge.

Keep in mind,” big” is relative. Some want to be big in the world and some are happy to be big in their local community. You don’t have to be a “World Champion” to be considered successful.

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Slideshare Source: FirmexMaria Khan

Social Media For Start Ups0103

Social Media For Start-Ups – Infographic

Social Media is a powerful tool for all businesses. Start-Ups are no exception. While they face tremendous pressure and challenges such as limited manpower and infrastructure, social media can still be of major support. This infographic shows how start-ups can approach social media and be successful with it.

Infographic Source: PiktoChart

Social Media For Start Ups0103

Crowdfunding Your Business Which Type 0101

Crowdfunding For Small Business: Which Type To Use? – Infographic

Over the past few years small businesses have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to financing needs. After the financial crisis banks weren’t in a positions to hand out loans, they themselves needed capital. More recently, crowdfunding became a popular method for small businesses to finance themselves. And businesses take advantage of this new way.

There are, however, different ways to finance a businesses via crowdfunding and a few things to consider while doing so. Have a look at the infographic below and see an example.

This Infographics was created to illustrate an article about financing options for small businesses based on the funding goal, timing, current cash flow and development stage of the enterprise. The options evaluated: equity crowdfunding, peer-to-peer and peer-to-business lending, rewards (Kickstarter type) crowdfunding. Enjoy!

Infographic Source: CrowdfundProductions

Crowdfunding Your Business Which Type 0101


Digital Marketing And Small Business Owners: “New Waters” And Insecurity About The Subject Prevents them From Doing Better

Small Business Owners are busy people. Many of them are running their operations successfully for decades. With social media, digital and websites technologies becoming major marketing and business subjects, many of the “old guard” business owners are overwhelmed with what all this means. Many people smile or laugh about this, but there is nothing wrong with not knowing the details about this new “fuzz”. After all, business owners are busy running their business and many struggle to allocate time to important marketing issues.

For people that are absolutely new to digital marketing, search and social media, and there are still lots of them, this infographic explains how the entire process works and how potential customers find businesses online.

For all business owners, if you have questions what all this means for your business and what you can do better, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help and answer questions.

Infographic Source: B2Interactive


Ecommerce in Russia part 1

Expanding Your E-Commerce Activities: How About Russia? – Infographic

Today even small businesses are selling their products overseas. While the entire world is trying to get the foot into the door in selling in Asia, China seems to be the biggest hit, there are some other markets that promise decent and growing business. How about Russia?

The two infographics below display great information about the Russian e-commerce market and Russia’s major search engine, Yandex. If you are considering to expand your business into some new markets, this is clearly an opportunity to consider. Check it out!

Infographic Source: SearchLaboratory

Ecommerce in Russia part 1

Ecommerce in Russia part 2

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The Main Street Analyst – The Highlights Of Week 47

Social Media And Sales, Real Estate And Social Media, Facebook And Finding New Customers, The Opportunity Of Native Advertising, Content Marketing In 2014. Check out the posts of week 47.

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Social Media is always moving. What happened yesterday might not be relevant today. Using social media just for brand awareness and looking good won’t be enough for big retail brands anymore. Sales is the next big thing…


Real Estate Marketing And Social Media

Social Media is the perfect platform to support sales activities for everyone that sells a product where the visual impact is important. Real Estate is one of the industries that can take big advantage of the medium…


Finding Customers In The Big Facebook Pond

Businesses have always tried to find new customers on Facebook. It all started with advertising and becomes now more and more aggressive. Have a look at this infographic and see how to fish in the big Facebook pond…


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Native Advertising And Its Opportunities

Native Advertising is not really that well understood with marketers. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even know what it really means. This infographic gives an explanation and shows the opportunity…


Content Marketing 2014: Trends, Benchmarks And Budgets

Content Marketing has become incredible popular with marketers and has created many success stories. See how marketers and brands adjust budgets, efforts and staff to take advantage…


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What Makes An Entrepreneur? It’s Not Youth – Infographic

Infographic Source: StartupBros

What Makes An Entrepreneur 1119






When we think about successful Entrepreneurs names like Zuckerberg, Jobs and Musk come to mind. All of them started their endeavors at a relatively young age. So, automatically, we are all a little misguided to believe that successful Entrepreneurs are all more on the younger side.

This infographic reveals that this is not so. The average age is actually around 40 and, not mentioned in this infographic, with all the developments in the job market over the past years, it is very likely that the average age for Entrepreneurs will actually increase.

With age discrimination starting at 40 already, job seekers above that magic number are more and more starting to look for contract work and making a business out of it. A pretty good indicator that more successful Entrepreneurs will develop in the coming years.

The infographic also reveals some other more or less surprising facts about Entrepreneurs. Have a look and see. Maybe the facts will encourage you to pick up on an idea you might have had in the past and dropped it , because your environment told you, you don’t have the right characteristics to be a “boss”.


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Brand Identity: Your Brand Is Much More Than A Logo – Infographic

There is a well-known statement that brand isn’t just a logo or a product. As well as brand identity isn’t just a stationary set. It is much more. It includes every aspect of visual essence from the brand mark to all marketing materials, signage and interior. This infographic presents the brand identity as a planet system with mission (“big idea”) in its center and strategy on the last orbit. Every element should support brand story and nothing can step out of the brand positioning.

Have a look at this outstanding infographic about Brand Identity

Infographic Source: Iryna Nezhynska

Brand Identity Your Brand Is More Than A Logo