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Soccer Is Life: Which Is The Best European Soccer Team? – Infographic

Soccer, or football, is fiercely discussed in the most parts of the world. Fans of all clubs tend to sell their clubs as the best. Those statements are not always most accurate, because there is a lot of emotion in the topic and wearing a club hat while judging other teams just doesn’t work well.

Nicola Cerin has put together the infographic below, giving a more reliable overview of the performance of the best European clubs. Have a look and see if you find some surprises.

Infographic Source: Nicola Cerin

Soccer Is Life Best European Football Teams 0101

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England’s Brazil 2014 Expectations Might Just Change Things For The Good

Logo Soccer is Life 8923384499_cdec8d66b0_cBrazil 2014 is on every football/soccer fans mind already. The participating countries and their fans are planning their trips or at least vacation to watch all the games live at home. This is not different in England, where our soccer friends are starving for success for almost 50 years.

Inability to keep up with the rest of the world, including not even qualifying for the tournament, bad luck and a good portion of self destruction have prevented the English from winning anything over the past (almost) 50 years. According to the English press, 2014 is going to be no different. The group draw put the English into a so called group of death with Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica and the confidence in the team is not very high.

In the past, the English showed up at world cup tournaments rather over confident and the modest outcomes have left their mark. This time, the press and fans have no high expectations and would celebrate reaching the second round as a success. That doesn’t mean that the English are not excited about the games, the opposite is the case, everyone can’t wait for the tournament to start.

The infographic below shows the past success of English teams at past world cups. With the past successes, or lack thereof, and the expectations low, this time the English show up quite balanced. This is a good thing and should give the team the ability to rise on the challenge rather than sliding down on unreasonable goals and pressure. While the English are not the favorite for Brazil 2014, the team is good enough to keep up with every opponent in a single game. With fair expectations and support of the fans and press, this time the outcome might be a little different. Good luck!

Infographic Source: SportingIndex

Soccer Is Life Englands WC Record

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Soccer Is Life! Brazil 2014, A Basic Guide On What To Expect – Infographic

2014 is going to be a big year for soccer fans. Brazil is hosting the world cup and every fan around the globe is on fire. For those that consider to travel to Brazil, this infographic gives some basic information about the game plan, how to travel around and what to expect in the cities that host the games. Have a look and see what you can expect, or miss.

Infographic Source: JustTheFlight