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Facebook Advertising Revenue | What Analysts Are (Really) Missing

Rosenblatt Securities’ Brian Blair and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson break down Facebook’s first-quarter earnings report on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg) In my opinion: This Bloomberg video celebrates Facebook as a big winner after their Q1 earnings report. The title of the video is “what analysts are missing”. What analysts...

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Facebook Q4 Earnings: Not Everything That Shines Is Gold – What To Consider When Evaluating

Facebook reported Q4 earnings and the numbers were great! Consequently, the stock price surged. Everyone invested in the company is smiling and some of those that are not, are not so happy. Don’t be sad, if you are not invested, not everything that shines is Gold! Here is why: The...

You Got a Website? Go Public! – Twitter IPO, Greetings From The Bubble

You Got a Website? Go Public! – Twitter IPO, Greetings From The Bubble

The recent Twitter IPO brought back the time of the “first Internet bubble” over a decade ago. “You got a website? You can go public!” Whether you make money or not, didn’t really matter. And so it doesn’t with Twitter.  The company has already lost over $100 million this year...

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Twitter IPO – The Latest And Past Facts And Numbers – Are You Buying?

Twitter’s IPO is coming up on Thursday. Big and small investors are hanging on to see what is going to happen. Will it be a success, or will it be a Facebook like IPO event? Here is the latest and some past info about the popular social media platform. If...

How The Apple Oracle Predicts The iPad’s Future

How The Apple Oracle Predicts The iPad’s Future

Gene Munster is known in some circles as the “Apple Oracle.” As a sale side research analyst for Piper Jaffrey, it’s his responsibility to predict what kind of impact a new Apple product will have on the company’s stock, as well as what kind of impact it will have on...


Investing: Don’t Let Your Emotions Rule Your Decisions – Infographic

The equity market offers the best bet to beat inflation, but stock picking can be tricky. However, if you know the rules of the game and don’t let your emotions rule your decisions, you can build a profitable stock portfolio. Here’s how:

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