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Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors | What Determines Search Results | Infographic

It is probably the question of the century, what determines the ranking in search results? The Google ranking factors are the best and most kept secret and experts everywhere are watching carefully what is taking influence. So, every information is gold. Have a look at the infographic below and see...

HTML5 Adobe Flash Comparison

HTML5 Adobe Flash Comparison | Which Is Your Favorite?

Developers and designers are fighting a cold war about two applications: Here is the HTML5 Adobe Flash comparison. Which one is the better one? Answering the question, so I have learned, is not that easy. Apparently, there are certain qualities in both and depending on the case either one is...

Facebook Stats, Facebook, In A Minute

Facebook Stats | Platform Events In A Minute | IG

Despite all the critics, me included, Facebook is still a leader in social media. According to the Facebook stats, the platform is in heavy use every day, every minute. Check out the infographic below and see what’s happening on Facebook in an average minute. The stats and facts are quite...

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iWatch Or Not, Here Are Five Wearable Gadgets With Serious Staying Power

Once again, Apple CEO Tim Cook hints that there are new products in the pipeline. And that’s got investors wondering: Where’s the iWatch? Many companies are flooding into wearable tech — a market that could top $20 billion in sales by 2016. Some gadgets fail to gain traction, but in...

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Facebook Advertising Revenue | What Analysts Are (Really) Missing

Rosenblatt Securities’ Brian Blair and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson break down Facebook’s first-quarter earnings report on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg) In my opinion: This Bloomberg video celebrates Facebook as a big winner after their Q1 earnings report. The title of the video is “what analysts are missing”. What analysts...

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Marketing Skills And Toolboxes Have Changed – See The Tools That Help You Adjust Your Skills

Marketing has changed over the past years. With technology and social media turning the tables on conventional marketers, today’s marketers need to be more versatile than ever before. From creative writing to HTML, to light photoshopping, the skills and toolboxes in marketing departments look different than they did in the...

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