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Don’t Jump To Play Twitter’s Plunge

Ken Sena, Analyst at Evercore Partners, discusses the performance of Twitter’s stock, the company’s impact on content providers, and if tech IPOs are manipulated. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Digital Marketing: 2014 Trends, Tips, What To Do And What Not To Do

Search, social media, mobile and local marketing will continue to grow businesses across the globe. Depending on how the different marketing divisions set up their strategy and plan, some will have better successes, others have less. Keep in mind, what worked in the past, might not work in 2014. This...


Who Is Calling The Shots In Search Or Why You Must Focus On Google+ – Infographic

Google is search, or search is Google. We can turn and twist it as much as we want, Google is calling the shorts in search. The fact helps Google+ to gain traction in the social media world and eventually will take the number one spot from Facebook. Have a look...


Google’s Achievements, Facts And Numbers In A Timeline And Why It Has Changed Our Lives – Infographic

Google has turned into one of the most influential companies in the world, if not the most influential. In the process, it has changed our lives dramatically. Have a look at this infographic with some amazing and interesting facts, achievements and numbers. Infographic Source: Etoro

year of video YOU TUBE

Marketing: Why Video Is A Major Business Opportunity For Marketers – Infographic

Video as a marketing tool is not new wisdom. It was rising rapidly over the past few years and still is growing. YouTube became the second biggest search engine and well produced videos can be major wins for marketers. Have a look at this infographic and see why video is...

Social Media Marketer And His Tools-1217

Social Media Marketing: A Day With A Marketer And The Tools To Manage The Tasks – Infographic

Social media marketing is no easy job (nor are many others). In order to do well, social media marketing stretches across multiple platforms and each has to be treated as the number one property. Delivering the right content, find the right tone and satisfy everyone is a guarantee that a...

Responsice Design Is Important-1217

Website Development: Why Responsive Design Is A Good Choice – Infographic

The ways how people are accessing the Internet are changing and so do the ways how they shop or otherwise do business on the web. It won’t be long and our “trusted friend”, the PC or laptop, will disappear and everyone will do business on the phone or a tablet,...


Google Is A Zoo: Panda, Penguin And Hummingbird And Their Influence On The Web – Infographic

Google’s collection of algorithms looks like a list of animals in a zoo. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are already “visible” to the public. In 2011 Google started watching websites with more ads than content and over the past two years Google’s efforts to make search results better became more sophisticated....

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