Champions League, FC Copenhagen – FC Chelsea 0-2

While Chelsea and Carlo Ancelotti traveled to Copenhagen with some “stomach issues”, the game displayed an absolute professional game with not many flaws. Sure, Copenhagen didn’t do anything to trouble the Blues, but Chelsea’s performance is already promising the quarterfinal.

Copenhagen acted to careful and was to busy trying to avoid mistakes in order to create difficult situations for the English. Due to the lax attitude of the Danish, Chelsea took over command from the beginning and never gave control away. Anelka, with fierce support of the Copenhagen goalie, scored twice. The second during a time when Copenhagen started to move a little faster then they did in the first half. With the second goal the game was over. While the Danish pretended to try,they couldn’t come up with more than catching practice for Peter Cech.

Also good news for Chelsea, Fernando Torres, while without luck, played a decent game. He got himself a few chances, but the last punch wasn’t strong enough, yet. It was at least a performance to build on.

The second leg should not be a problem for Chelsea, unless Copenhagen will wake up from hibernation, the Danish season is still on winter break, with new power and a lot more determination. They can do better, ask Barca.

Vitus Feldmann

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3 Responses

  1. imzahmed29 says:

    >Torres had so many chances do you think he'll ever score a goal for us? It was such an easy game to get a goal, he should've done more in this game.

  2. imzahmed29 says:

    >Torres had so many chances I don't know if he'll ever score a goal for us. It was such an easy game, he should've done more in this game.

  3. V. says:

    >He will. He is a good player and managed a few things the wrong way, which caused him to lose his edge. It will get better, hopefully for Chelsea soon. Thanks for your comment. V.

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