Champions League – Real Madrid busts Spurs dreams: 4-0!

It will take a few days until this defeat is settling in. Not only with the result, but the way how this nightmare developed for Spurs.

Within a few minutes all hell broke lose for Spurs and shook them out of their Champions League dreams. First, minutes before the game, Aaron Lennon got sick. Spurs had to take him off the roster and couldn’t add him again, not even for the bench. The game is on, after 4 minutes it is already 1-0. Adebayor scoring with a header after an Oezil corner. Gomes and Modric were trying to scratch the ball off the line, but were more in each others way than clearing the situation. Not enough with that, after 7 minutes Peter crouch got a yellow card for sliding into Sergio Ramos, close to the Real corner flag! An unnecessary yellow card, and, as it turned out, one with consequences. 7 minutes later, Crouch saw another yellow, and a s a result, a red as well. Not even 15 minutes played and already behind and a player sent off.

Well, it can happen that Real scores against you early, but two yellow cards within 15 minutes, one more ridiculous than the other? Who knows what Peter Crouch had in mind with his tackles.

From there on, the duty was to defend and calm the game and keep the result in an area that doesn’t kill the chance for the second leg. While Spurs did well in the first half, and had a couple of chances, van der Vaart and Bale, in the second half things went down the hill. Real put the lid on the pot and scored 3 more goals. At the end a 4-0 stood for the Spaniards.

Realistically, there is not much chance for Spurs to turn this around. They need a 4-0 win, at least. However, the ball is round. You never know in what direction that thing is rolling.

Vitus Feldmann

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