Cheating on Empire Avenue – Missions

This morning, like almost every day, I started running my daily missions on Empire Avenue. While running my first mission and monitoring progress, I decided to change my schedule and write a few lines about the bad habits of some people that obviously misunderstand the sense of Empire Avenue and its opportunities. The word “Thief” come to mind.

Before I continue, here is how I operate on Empire Avenue. I use the site to interact with people from all over the world. Buying shares, communicating over other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and email and chat as well. Over time I have developed quite a network and discovered that the site is quite useful for business as well. So, I use it sometimes to promote some of my clients as well. I do this with missions. However, I use missions mostly for support of my stats on Empire Avenue. Because I don’t have time to interact with people on all networks all day, I run missions to “buy” comments, re-tweets and other that supports my dividends on Empire Avenue. This is a common practice and many people on Empire Avenue do the same thing all day.

Today, my first mission was to ask for re-tweets on Twitter. I was asking for a number of re-tweets, 3 to open end, and offered (e)500 for those that accept the mission. I am aware that the reward for the asked number of re-tweets is low, but I still have to watch my eaves and like it better to invest the eaves in people. There are multiple reasons that make me believe it is ok to offer the mission with that reward, even though some people might not agree with me. One of the reasons, the major one, people have a choice on whether they accept the mission or not. As far as I can tell, there are hundreds or even thousands of missions every day people can chose from. There is clearly no need for argument, in my opinion. With that in mind, I am wondering what makes people believe they can take the eaves for any mission and don’t follow through with what is asked for. This is a daily problem and since I run mission for quite a while I can name the people that are out there to cheat. I haven’t done so in the past, because it is kind of ridiculous to call someone a thief because of a game (on the other hand, social media seems to be interesting for employers and a lot of other organizations). Over time, I have adjusted my expectations and wrote off up to 40% of my missions without major complains. Once in a while it got out of hand and then I sent a message to those that didn’t follow through and asked them to go back and do it. When I had to “collect” on my missions, people usually went back and did what they were asked to do.

In the past few weeks the number of cheaters increased and this morning it almost turned into outrageous. While I am writing this the mission is still running. The results are, seven (7) people took the mission and two (2) followed through! In other words, 5 out of 7 are cheating. I sent a few messages already and wonder if I get a response.

I would like to know from my fellow players if this is an accepted practice and cheating in this form is covered. In the past, I have seen blog posts that indicated that cheating on missions with low reward is ok. If this is a “rule” that is allowed, please let me know so that I can adjust myself to this. I don’t want to waste your time by complaining if there is nothing to complain.

Opinions? Please comment below.

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56 Responses

  1. The JD says:

    Maybe they (the cheaters) don’t really know (or care) about the rules or proper EA etiquette?

  2. 1. You won’t get any response. 2. Lot of people take it for granted.

    As for me i try my best. If i am in doubt i write to the mission giver what I’ve done and ask him/her whether it was right or wrong. And I have learnt to check the link to ascertain whether i can do the mission. Here too i haven’t taken the eaves yet :)

    So my view to you is this – Won’t be 100% success but def much better. Create a community of say whoever completes this mission and run it for those in the community. Atleast you might be sure that it ain’t going waste.

    I am not saying i am perfect and sometimes some missions lead me to nowhere land and irritate me but more often than not i try hard not to disappoint and hope i haven’t in this case.

    • I often try to click through the link prior to taking the Mission to make sure it is one I can and WANT to do. :) I did that with this one too. Clicked through and started writing my comment prior to taking the mission.

      I love your thought on creating a community. I’ll have to go look up more info on the communities on Empire Ave.

  3. Dan Petersen says:

    Personally find this sad, though at a certain level not surprising. Best of luck!

  4. michaelqtodd says:

    Used to think “calling out” was appropriate but have given up. Pity EA stopped giving us the list of people who did the mission

    • Anne Thomas says:

      Michael if you click on the number left you will see who has/have completed the mission.

  5. Sharon says:

    Vitus…I totally agree. A re-tweet take 5 seconds to do, and with the missions we do, we not only “pay” people to do them, we have to “pay” a fee to run them.

    Only about half ever complete the missions I post, and as freaking annoying as it is, other than calling them out, I just don’t see how to prevent it other than making sure they already own 50 or 100 shares of us before they complete the mission.

    Of course, that makes it harder for the newbies to invest in us too.

    I’d love to hear if a solution is ever found.

    Best of luck and see you on the avenue!

  6. I wondered about this myself! I just posted my first Mission, and of the 11 that said they Re-Tweeted, so far, only 8 have. So far, better odds than you experienced this morning, but as a brand new member (I think I’ve been on there for 1 week) the 20,000 Eaves the mission cost me to get 20 RT’s is expensive. :) And like you, I’m trying to drive traffic and interaction.

  7. streetelf says:

    It’s not accepted. People has plenty of choice for missions. If they decide to do one so be it. I do not like to do FB likes I skip them. Retweets, I don t mind. It depends tho.. yes 500 is to low for 3 retweets. I pay 1k , and ask for 2-3 retweets, most people does only 1, some does 10 , some 0… Imo the one that did 10 paid for some others.. I tried to call ppl and message them etc.. The result was people that sold me of. So I decided to stop bothering with thieves.. I raise requirements.. I check here and then and block people without notice.. It’s the only way to go. In my opinion. They ruin the fun yes.. But .. what can we do .. At least if 70-80% complete my missions I am happy. The others going to get spotted by me and will loose a chance to do my missions. I always pay 1k 1.5k 2k , sometimes I run 10+ missions per day. Today I runned 6 missions x2K to bad for them if they are blocked.

  8. abroaderview says:

    Great blog, I have this issue with all my mission 40% of missions are not follow through by “THESE thiefs” already posted to Google and Facebook

  9. Empire Avenue at its core is a networking game. It has very little use as a marketing tool until you have put the time in to build up the eaves. One you have a couple million eaves then it really matters little who cheats.

    I have also found that the simpler I keep a mission the better the results. I ask for one tweet and give them a link where all they have to do is click one time. Yesterday I ran a mission with 40 slots and got 36 Re-tweet. I also offer 1000 E.

  10. AshDHart says:

    I don’t think it’s right to take the eaves and not complete the mission but I realize that it’s going to happen. Some might be honest mistakes. They think they hit the RT button but it doesn’t go through for example. But when you repeatedly see the same people taking the eaves and running I would then figure it’s not a mistake.

    One suggestion as Srivatsan suggested is to setup a community and only those in it can participate in your missions. You might get a few that take it and run but you can kick them out and minimize the times they can do that.

    All that said I would suggest not using a watermarked photo on a post about stealing.

    • V. says:

      Hey Ash, thanks for the comment. Legal department has given the green light for the image for several reasons. Thanks though.

      I am a member of a mission community and I will take advantage of that group more, I guess.

  11. I also have experienced exactly what you speak of using higher rewards. So disappointing and from people you would never expect it from. I do notice that when I use an iPad sometimes my missions do not complete. In order to remedy this I always go into my missions history and check to see if all has completed.

    I feel do unto others as you would like done to you.

    I did not take your eaves today :)

  12. Yes there are people out there that don’t complete, and there are times, when computers mess up or phones and the person might not mean for that to happen. I do think you should contact them and ask if something went wrong with their phone or computer.

    It happens.
    The person above mentions having a community for successful missions, Yes there some and I belong to a couple, but yes technology even hits those, so just know that everyone tries to do their best.

    I have seen people who run the missions make outrageous demands, and I say they will buy back everyone who completes the mission and who buys into them, and then they don’t. I now ignore those people. They are liars so why would I want to do their missions any more.
    I have asked them to honor what they said and they ignore the request, so they are not playing the game honestly either. I’m about to sell all of what I hold in them as well.
    Or maybe report them for saying things in their missions and not honoring their words.
    It goes both ways.
    I have about decided that honesty is slowly fading from our character of mankind.

  13. Vitus, good blog post. I know where you’re coming from with this, it does get infuriating when people just take eaves and run. The conclusion that I have come to is that there is nothing you can do about it (currently). I believe that there should be a feedback mechanism on everyone whom completed a mission, a simple simple “completed” or “did not complete” and a related percentage would allow you to filter out the runners…. or worst case ensure that people think twice knowing they will be shown up.

    On the flip side to this, I have changed my mindset to one of acceptance that not everyone will complete. Where possible I identify who they are and if inclined I just block them… life’s too short to get too worked up about a virtual currency.

    Re. your mission reward of 500, I agree that people have a choice and that the reward amount should not dictate whether they do it or not. It should not matter whether it is 500 or 50,000.

    Anyway, chin up… it’s like those soccer players that dick around and dive trying to fool the referee. It’s annoying for sure, but don’t let it worry you too much…. Engage more with the people who have supported you and be positive than worry about the shortcut charlies.


  14. Cheating . . . is NEVER covered. Though sometimes it is – especially for low 500e missions understandable if people don’t read all details and just . . . click . . . to find out that they wouldn’t want to re-tweet the content they see. Beyond that there’s myriads of reasons why masses don’t follow up what they took on. An outage. Slow performing internet. Distraction of some kind.

    I hardly take on 500e missions that equivalent some 5 Eurocent of my time AND check the link first, then click the blue mission button. There’s exceptions such as Pirillo whose content is often inspiring.

    Being more in line with ResumeBear Bob Warren’s very relaxed approach who apparently does not care too much whether people hit and run . . . I am off the opinion that he gets FAR MORE real response in his featured blogs BECAUSE he comes across sunny shiny smiling . . .

    So my suggestion would be for what it’s worth . . . raise the reward. Put some effort in your writing like here. And . . . hooray . . . you get replies.

    Now this took me some while to compile and I hope you weren’t that fast and blocked me on EA as some others did in the past . . . see, there’s 2 sides.

    One – offering 25,000 reward recently – blocked me after I simply liked the mission and left a comment. Without taking the eaves.

    One – after I bought 1 share as marker as I was out of Eaves – blocked me straight away based on their narrow-minded assumption that I was only keen to get their mission rewards . . . ridiculous.

    One – blocked me just like that . . . after we had mutually 700 maxed.

    So . . . such is life. Me thinks. Hope it makes sense to you.

  15. 7eclair says:

    I don’t have any problems yet with my missions. My missions are new in EAv yet, (20-21 days) which I have started and there isn’t something very important to mention.
    Maybe some people don’t take the missions very serious. I would sell all of their shares if this thing where happening again and again and I would not never ever again would allow for them to participate. Ask for them to sell you.

    Maybe you should choose the option to send the missions only to people you trust. I know it costs but it will be more effective.

    P.S. Leave only simple missions as likes on Facebook of 500e reward for all and again if is something very serious ask them to sell all of your shares and buy other accounts doing the same with their.

    Alexander BK, (e)ECLAIR

  16. Sandor says:

    Personally if the mission asks for 3 retweets for 500(e), I’m out of there. That doesn’t tick the value for value box for me, and quite possibly many others.
    Reading your article, I speculate that some people click on the link and then just do 1 or 2. Or just rob your eaves thinking “yeah right.” After all, by the time they’ve read the description, you’ve already taken their most valuable resource – time. Where is the value on your part?

    • V. says:

      The value I offer is (e)500. Take it and follow through, or leave it as you suggest. No problem, I respect that. This is common sense. If you go into a store and you “grap” stuff that is cheap there is no difference. If you get caught, you have a record. Besides, what you call cheap, might be a lot for someone else.

    • I concur with your points very much having just completed a mission for 3,000e asking to like a facebook fanpage. When I clicked, I found out I had liked it already earlier.

      So would this be considered ‘cheat’ now ?

      • V. says:

        One of the problems we have is that many people think “nach mir die Sintflut”! You liked the 3,000 eaves that’s why you clicked the button and agreed to the “terms”. What did you do after realizing you already liked the page? Happened to me before too. I went back to the comments, explained what happened and bought shares to pay back. If you did the “Vogel-Strauss” solution, it will look like you cheated.

  17. tedora says:

    I blocked a few users at the beginning they continued just to collect the mission reward. But my experience with EA missions are excellent. Almost 80% success is acceptable for me. I am no more investing time to check up who completed the mission correct or not, because many Users making me more happy than I expect.

    I think the best thing we can do is, to consider the whole missions of a mixing calculation.

    Liebe Grüsse an dich Vitus.

  18. Cheating . . . is NEVER covered. Though sometimes it is – especially for low 500e missions understandable if people don’t read all details and just . . . click . . . to find out that they wouldn’t want to re-tweet the content they see. Beyond that there’s myriads of reasons why masses don’t follow up what they took on. An outage. Slow performing internet. Distraction of some kind.

    I hardly take on 500e missions that equivalent some 5 Eurocent of my time AND check the link first, then click the blue mission button. There’s exceptions such as Pirillo whose content is often inspiring.

    Being more in line with ResumeBear Bob Warren’s very relaxed approach who apparently does not care too much whether people hit and run . . . I am off the opinion that he gets FAR MORE real response in his featured blogs BECAUSE he comes across sunny shiny smiling . . .

    So my suggestion would be for what it’s worth . . . raise the reward. Put some effort in your writing like here. And . . . hooray . . . you get replies.

    Now this took me some while to compile and I hope you weren’t that fast and blocked me on EA as some others did in the past . . . see, there’s 2 sides.

    One – offering 25,000 reward recently – blocked me after I simply liked the mission and left a comment. Without taking the eaves.

    One – after I bought 1 share as marker as I was out of Eaves – blocked me straight away based on their narrow-minded assumption that I was only keen to get their mission rewards . . . ridiculous.

    One – blocked me just like that . . . after we had mutually 700 maxed.

    So . . . such is life. Me thinks. Hope it makes sense to you.

    Btw . . . after hitting the button ‘Post Comment’ wordpress asked me to login . . . and after I logged in, my comment was gone. Less savvy internet users wouldn’t have known how to recover the comment as I did here. And they probably wouldn’t have commented again. Hope you get my drift.

  19. Sandor says:

    Reblogged this on Sandor & Misato Benko and commented:
    Interesting post on Empire Avenue cheaters. Rig the game?

  20. Gaye Crispin says:

    Sure, computers fail on people, and nothing is perfect, but there are some people on empire avenue who are serial non-completers who scoot through completing missions with their own personal mission agenda which is simply to collect as many eaves as they can in the shortest period of time possible.

    And there are a lot of people who do this. I have a list of thEAves …. about 40 who chomped their way through over 2 million eaves of before I started Missionistas … I now still get a few but nothing as bad as the 40% or 50% completion I was getting before. At the end of the day I can choose who I relate to on empire avenue… the system isn’t perfect.. but it works.. Gaye

  21. Avnxman says:

    Well can’t say that I haven’t done it. I may not leave comments on most blogs but I do tend to share in one space or another.

  22. Well dear friend, today i Made a mistake, i accept ur mission believing it was a request for ur FB page and not for ur profile… That is why i asked urfriendship…. And i was lucky, first of all be’ cause u gave me… Second because a facebook limitation for ask ing. Friend expired this afternoon after 30 days….lol
    Well i try to be’ fair player so i do not like Who stole eaves with out playing the mission requested…

    Have a nice evening everibody

  23. Anne Thomas says:

    Personally I think it’s an inexpensive way to find out the character of people (assuming they are serial hit-and-runners and not a simple error).

  24. Anne Thomas says:

    Truthfully though I usually would rather not know. I like to think the best & it might ruin my sunshine for the day.

  25. First let me say that I have not started running missions yet, but expect to in the near future.

    I expect there will be people that will just take the eve’s and run. To me, that is just the cost of doing business. Everyone must live with themselves. I decided I will not make any judgements on what they do or do not do. They may have excellent reasons for not taking action.

    As I do run missions, I feel that as I review the results I must first look at my own actions.
    That is, was the mission clear enough? Did the link go to where it was easy to follow? If asking for a tweet or like, did I let them know before they clicked on the mission what it was I was asking them to tweet or like. (to protect my Brand, I feel I have a duty to tweet, like or otherwise show support to things that I believe in.) Was I asking them to do to much for what I was offering?

    There is an old saying, “you cannot legislate morality.”

    • V. says:

      I agree with you and the old saying. However, if you keep doing the wrong things, it will finally catch up with you. There is no rule for when that will happen, but it will, especially if you keep doing the wrong things with the same people. Nobody is perfect, not even me, I am afraid to say. But I have learned to respect other people and not to walk around and believe my s… doesn’t stink.

  26. As my number of daily eaves has gotten to the point spending them all takes up time I no longer do every mission I could. I pick the ones that I can complete. I do check to see before accepting the mission the link below and often do the mission and don’t bother with the eaves. Someone else will take them.

    It is not constructive, in my view, to lay the cheater logo on a group of people who for any of dozens of reasons take the eaves but do not complete your idea of the request. I am in the category of Anne as it doesn’t improve my day to look for what isn’t working. I’d rather spend my time with what is.

  27. mandyf says:

    To a degree, I think some people take them for granted and feel it is an entitlement. I had one player tell me point blank I “owed him eaves” because he owned 600 shares in me and I only had 300 in him – never mind that was my max at the time. I have a global wealth leader that snatched 3 missions from me over the weekend – not even the slightest effort to try as I could watch that person just jumping from one mission to the other. The excuse was that the individual “comes back to them later when time is available”. my feeling is if you take it, you do it then.

    I think most people at least try to do right. I have to believe not everyone is out to cut and run. I know a lot are, but that would happen in any system. I used to get angry over it. Then it became a thing I began accepting as inevitable. Finally I devised this imperfect solution:

    If I run a 2k mission for instance as I did over the weekend, and someone doesn’t complete it by the time it ends which can take a good while – but they are still taking missions when I check their timeline – I sell off 5k worth of their shares – 4k to cover the mission cost and 1k as a penalty. I only go there after someone has screwed me a few times because there can always be the chance of a one off problem now and then. Even the best of players can have a technical problem or just mess up. I can live with that – it’s just a reality that will sometimes happen. It’s the ehabitual abuse I take notice of.

    Does it solve the problem of mission cheats? Nah, and I lose some income from good div earners doing it sometimes, but I sure as heck get my eaves back on what I blew paying them to do nothing and feel better.

  28. I agree. I posted a mission and asked for LIKES yet I (a) got a couple of dislikes (hey, I could have gotten those anywhere), and I had LESS totals in LIKES and DISLIKES than ran the mission

    So, before I call anyone a thief, I will point a finger of blame to the system (that seems more diplomatically correct, eh?) If the system would not deliver the points unless the requirements were met, then I think theft would not be possible.

    In a system where you count on someone’s honor, is to buy into the false theory by the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau that we are basically good. The Bible says Matthew 19:17 “And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is NONE good but one, that is, God”. Again in Romans 3:23 “For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. I ascribe to the correctness of the Bible, which once again, humanity has proven correct, and the blabbering of a highly acclaimed Philosopher, incorrect.

  29. sallykwitt says:

    Reblogged this on Bruce and Sally Witt and commented:
    Hmmmm, what do you think?

  30. sallykwitt says:

    Very good post, Vitus. I reblogged it, which I rarely do to keep the info going. MAYBE somebody will feel guilty and change??

    I find some people just don’t read. I had a mission for 1,500 asking for a retweet and reply to one tweet. I found very few people replied. I ended the mission early and got a refund for the unused eaves. Sometimes it is just testing what works.

    I get great responses on blog posts for likes and comments, retweeting one specific url from twitter. Asking for traffic on flickr and youtube isn’t completed as well, but still worth the try once in a while.

    I keep testing and adjusting. My focus is on building my activity score and my DIVS. Other people have other goals.

    I try to stay positive. Some people are rude and think that you have to do what they want. When you are running a mission, they are accepting a contract. As you said, they can just not take the mission. If someone is negative, I try to stay away.

    You are a great EAV player, Vitus. Keep up the good work.



  31. jakewobegon says:

    (Submitted once but didn’t post, so I apologize if this comment posts twice.)

    I recently did my 1st Mission on Empire Avenue. It was pretty unorthodox, but the payout was 50,000e. I have to say that the Mission was an experiment, and it has been successful beyond what I could imagine. I have some follow-up work to do, but I know I have a handful of people who grabbed the 50,000e with no intent of even reading the Mission, let alone completing it.

    To give 50,000e in a Mission costs me 100,000e. To purchase 100,000e at the cheapest rate on Empire Avenue is $50 US. Suddenly, this isn’t just fake money. This now goes into “Breach of Contract” territory given that there is an implicit agreement when someone accepts the Mission. There needs to be room for misunderstandings (see above comments) but for those who are obviously abusing the system, I believe we should have a way to lodge complaints with Empire Avenue. If after looking at the evidence, the folks at Empire Avenue determine that there is malicious intent, I see no problem with the account or even the IP address being blocked from the site.

  32. A hot topic for sure. Do your missions have criteria – number of shares or certain communities, for example? It would seem to me that people invested in you would be more likely to follow through.

    Sorry you are having this experience, Vitus, and hopefully a way can be found around it.

  33. tincanman2010 says:

    If someone felt I hadn’t completed a mission to their satisfaction, I would welcome a message. There may have been a technical fault, I may have misunderstood, etc.

    Obviously if I took the eaves and ran I am not going to care about your message. But if it has been an honest mistake, or miscommunication on your end or mine, then why leave it unresolved?

    The one thing I would stress to people issuing missions is to be very clear what is expected. I see quite a few RT missions which list the RT message as part of the mission, for instance. This is great! Most do not, though, putting people in a potentially difficult position after accepting the mission. I won’t RT blindly – if it’s not something I would RT without the eaves, I won’t do it just for the eaves. That’s my name it’s going out under, and if I want my tweets read and respected, I can’t be RTing any old thing or be seen to have been bought. Similarly sometimes I have accepted a Like, +1 or RT mission and got there to find it is in a foreign language. Conversely there are some who will say something like ”This mission is ____ eaves for ___ likes” or “_____ eaves to endorse me for a _____ award” and I love these because it lets me choose. The issuer should love them too because they won’t waste as many eaves.

    Leaving a mission open to draw more flies doesn’t invite much loyalty. (I’m not saying yours have been that cavalier; it’s just a general observation)

  34. emmageraln says:

    Anyone that thinks cheating on a mission just because it has a low reward is dick. (I hope that’s not too blunt) xxx

  35. locris says:





    • emmageraln says:


      I’m going to respond anyway, becuase I feel like it.

      Is your caps lock stuck on?

      Also none of that is any excuse!

      – If some writes war a peace in a mission description I leave it.

      – If someone askes for to much, I leave it.

      – If I have a problem completing mission I do as much as I can to make it up and leave a comment inviting them to shout me when the problem is fixed.

      There is no excuse for for being a dick, although given your behavour on the avenue i’m not surporised you’re an appologist for bad.


      • jakewobegon says:

        That’s RIGHT, Emma!!! I totally got your back on this one. Trying to justify being a jerk only proves that you are a jerk! (Should that have been in all-caps?…)

  36. Yes, that is a problem. Seems to be part of the game :(

    In my mission this morning 5 out of 30 take the money without doing what they are supposed to do.

    But hei, it’s only eaves and no real money…

  37. I can say without question I have followed thru with basically 95% of any missions I have accepted, and by that I mean I generally will attempt most or all of the mission requirements. I also don’t accept missions that I am not prepared to follow thru on (messaging, synergies or what have you).

    I could entirely understand that some members don’t understand the concept of completing missions though, as EA reaches all over the globe and missions are not multi-lingual… as far as I know anyway.

    • jakewobegon says:

      Don’t have a problem with this at all! There is a world of difference between misunderstanding (especially with a multi-lingual audience) and malicious intent.

      • V. says:

        I agree with you, Jake. The bad ones are those that are intentionally keep stealing and overestimate their coolness with doing so. Bad people.

  38. javadewd says:

    I will admit that I know of at least five missions where I couldn’t follow through. I’m not proud of taking anybody’s eaves and wish there was a “refund” button to give them back. The two of those five I sent a message to the author of the mission and they just basically said, “Whatever,” and I went ahead and invested back into their stock if I could (I max my shareholders as often as I can).

    The other three were various problems like:

    The mission never said it was on a social network in which I simply do not subscribe. I hate FaceBook with a passion and Google+ ticked me off when it refused to let me use my pseudoname anymore, even though it’s a known nickname and a sort of brand. When the mission author says ‘Like my page’ I do my best now to check the mission link before I hit the button. ‘Like’ is used on YouTube and other networks, and I wish Empire Avenue would disable the mission link if the mission in question requires a social network that I don’t participate in.

    Hardware failure. Sometimes when I’m going hot and heavy in the code-heavy Empire Avenue website, my poor first generation dual-core laptop gives up trying to keep my board cooled. Given, I usually have an internet radio station playing, two YouTube windows, a bunch of code tutorials and at least half a dozen projects opened up in various ways in Ubuntu, but there are times that with no common denominator, my unit just dies. The history is never clear where I left off, because I open all my missions up to the start page and do them all at once to insure that I give each mission it’s due by over-doing it over the social networks to which I subscribe.

    Distractions in my house are plentiful. A toddler, a newborn, and my ever-pleasant wife are all taking chunks out of my time and attention span throughout the day. When my wife goes back to work soon, I have to pay more attention to the kids, so it’s a trade-off. Long nights since Thanksgiving 2012 means exhaustion and investing a small fortune in energy drinks!

    So it would be nice if folks would let me know if they ‘suspect’ me of cheating on an Empire Avenue mission. Somebody / somebodies decided to dump a large chunk of my stock over the past few days, and since the EA API is so non-gratis about telling me who sold me and/or blocked me, I can only imagine that it had something to do with some mission somewhere. Oh, well. It’s a game. I’ll take the occasional upper-cut to the chin and keep on truckin’…

    • V. says:

      Thanks for writing, Bill. And, sorry for the delay in responding. Different people have different styles of playing the game. We all have experienced some difficulties in finishing a mission. When difficulties come up, I wonder why people have a problem with letting someone know that there is a problem. Many people think, “hey, not my problem”. Well, it is. People might think it is a game, it still demonstrates peoples manner. There are rules, even in games. And if there are not, common sense is expected.

      Anyway, if I run into a problem, I’ll send a note, leave a message, buy shares and/or do something else to make up for the loss. With a message left, the mission poster knows about the problem and can decide what he/she wants to do. And this is nothing else then fair.

      That people sell your shares can have a million reasons. Some people act like they are on Wall Street and buy and sell like there is no tomorrow. Others just don’t like that you are doing well and want to keep you in check with selling shares. And so it goes on, different people, different motivations. Keep playing, my friend. :-)

  39. Tom Connelly says:

    I can’t imagine cheating in this venue so I notice lots of people complaining about it and putting in their missions that cheaters will be reported and blocked so I guess it happens. I don’t even know how to check my missions to reconcile them for cheating vs true completion. I was searching for how to rate missions and I found this post. I still don’t know how to rate them. people put like and rate – I see the like I don’t see the rate.

    • theheidelberger says:

      Thanks for commenting, Tom! You ran into an old post. :-) Well, it seems it is still current. Anyway, go to your mission dashboard and click on the button right the detail button on the far right. What appears is a screen that shows you who completed the mission and a rate button. Hope that helps.

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