cloudHQ – No Fuzz Review Of A Great No Fuzz Syncing App

One of the things that bothers me with my work is the fact that I didn’t organize myself very well over the past years. Time restrictions (lame excuse), always new technologies to check out and other distractions made sure my stuff is all over the place. Finding a note or blog post from the past became a matter of logging into multiple “drives” and hoping this would be the place where I stored the note. My poor organizational activities over the past years really became a major mood killer that consumed time, money and nerves.

What was overdue for a long time is now becoming reality: I have committed considerable time in the task to organize myself better. With a marketing agency, a considerable and demanding blog and a new photo website to manage, there is quite some stuff to organize. Agreements are made, wisdom created, photos taken and marketed and God knows what else and it all has to be found when needed, from everywhere.

From all the technologies offered that can support my newly discovered organizational skills I made a choice to use Evernote, Google Drive and some other Google products. Evernote and Google Drive are offering enough features (paid and free) to get things done.

One feature I was hoping to find was a way to sync my files, notes and articles with Evernote and Google Drive and to make sure that everything I do in one is available in the other drive as well. My choice for this job is cloudHQ and was offered in the Evernote app center. I signed up for a personal plan ($9.90 a month) and set up sync between Evernote and Google Drive. To my surprise, the thing just did what it promised, syncing all my files between the two drives, without too much fuzz. All I had to do was connecting the two on cloudHQ.

cloudHQ syncs many other drives as well and is therefore an app worth considering. If you work with Dropbox, Box, sugarsync, SkyDrive and some others, besides Evernote and Google Drive, you should have a look and see what cloudHQ can do for you.

Vitus Feldmann

Ex-Professional Soccer Player, International Banker, International Business and Soccer Analyst. Global Marketing & Social Media Leader. Communicator and Connector! I help businesses and individuals to do better marketing and social media marketing. My focus is revenue creation because that is what keeps the business going. I am in business for over 30 years and I have learned to question the status quo. The ability and willingness to do so has given me an edge in my job. Marketing, especially social media marketing is fast paced. Today, nothing is like yesterday and tomorrow is different from today. Your business suffers, if you don't adjust. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite "model" is New York City.

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