Content Marketing: Marketers Are Still Setting The Wrong Goals And Fail To Show Results

Content Marketing is one of the best tools of digital marketers these days. The number of marketers that are using this form of marketing is growing at a steady rate. While this is a good development, watching the market, it becomes clear that many marketers have a problem with setting goals for content marketing. And much more, looking at the ways of measuring their goals, it is impossible to measure correctly what their success is.

Warning: Don’t laugh about the Australians doing content marketing wrong. All the others are making the same mistakes!

Over the past 2 years I have used every chance to make a statement that social media marketing (including content marketing) is an awesome sales tool. I have earned a lot of criticism and laughs for my claims. Everyone and their Grandma claimed that these forms of marketing are only good for creating brand awareness and other goals in the area of looking good. Now, over time, it appears that I will have the last laugh on this one. More and more marketers and brands are getting it and trying to boost sales via social media and content marketing.

The infographic below shows that some 40% of Australian content marketers have the goal to increase sales with content marketing. Other still hesitate to be direct and call out their real goal and give sales a different name: Customer Acquisition! So, it becomes clear that goal setting goes into the direction of sales. By the way, taking care of brand awareness and other activities in the “looking good” areas are still important, no doubt. But what keeps the businesses running is sales. Therefore, it should be your most important goal.

Another thing that sticks out of this infographic, engagement is another important goal marketers go after. This one is one of the most neglected topics. While brands fish for comments, likes and follows, they themselves miss out on the opportunity engagement presents. The explanation I delivered for that “marketing-do-not-do” is, the most marketers are just not business savvy enough to understand what they are seeing. Need proof? How about going on a number of social media properties of the top 10 brands and count the responses they give to their potential clients that are trying to engage with the brand? What you see will make you fall off your chair.

So, the infographic below is asking if marketers are doing content marketing right. The answer, content marketing itself is often done quite well, but the goals are bad and the ways to measure the dubious goals are even worse.

Is this an Australian problem? Not only. Marketers everywhere are doing it wrong. Is there hope? Yes, it slowly gets better. Some brands have started to pursue sales over the various digital marketing channels. Once someone starts, the others will follow. So, expect to see social media marketing, content marketing and others to become the major revenue sources in the future.

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Infographic Source: Curated Content

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