Creating Organic Traffic Is Gold | Infographic

Creating organic traffic for your website or blog is the most important thing you can do. Organic traffic is cheap and with that creates the best ROI!

As a business, having a functioning website and a blog can be worth Gold! Sure, just having a site doesn’t really cut it, after all the site or blog is “your shop” in the digital world. Every business owner loves it when the shop is crowded. Why? Well, that’s when you can sell. If nobody is visiting your shop, you won’t sell.

A brick-and-mortar shop in the neighborhood draws attention just by being there. More or less, sooner or later, everyone in the neighborhood has been to your shop or at least knows it is there when needed. And those that come in might just refer it to others. Being of good service will grow your store.

In the digital world it is not that easy. If you put your site or blog up and don’t do the right things marketing wise, the visits will be limited. So, how do you create traffic for your online store? Two ways, pay one of the big guns like Facebook or Google and they will send you some visitors. They might even send you many, if you pay a lot. The second option is you create organic traffic. That takes a little longer, but also lasts longer. Once you have spend your money on Google or Facebook and they sent you some visitors, the show is over, if you don’t pay again.

Creating organic traffic means you create content on your website or blog. You write an article or post related to the products and services you sell and make sure it is well written and has information your usual visitor or customer cares about. Once such a post is created you share it where ever you can. On your social media properties, and you share it with other assets you might have like a newsletter. Given your post (content) is good, people like your post, follow and like your social media outlets, share your post and create even more audience and with that create organic traffic. When you post your second post, they will have a look and see what other good things you have to offer. If you keep the quality of your content up, some will become regulars on your site or blog and some will leave real dollars.

This is the short form on how organic traffic works and how it is created. The infographic below from RazorSocial and Canva shows you how to share your blog or site content in order to create organic traffic. I also recommend to read this article from Angela Hausman, PhD. The article gives you more detail about creating organic traffic.

How To Create Organic Traffic

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