Cyber Crime Explained: What The “Hack” Is Going On? – Infographic

Bot Revolt decided to dig through recent cyber crime reports to discover what the hack is going on.

Source:, BotRevolt


What the HACK is going on -Facts:

  • Over 556 Million victims of cyber crime per year.
  • 1.5+ Million victims every day
  • 1080 victims every minute
  • 18 victims every second
  • $110 Billion lost in just 12 months due to cyber crime
  • 18 victims every second
  • $110 Billion lost in just 12 months due to cyber crime

So what are cyber criminals after…YOUR Data!

How much is your data worth?

  • $75 for 2,200 Twitter Credentials
  • $15 for 1,000 Facebook Credentials
  • Paypal: $62 OR 30% of balance on the account
  • Sets of Banking Credentials: $25-$35 or 3% of balance on the account
  • Credit Card: (scanned back and front) $25-$30
  • Drivers License(scanned) $20
  • Credit Card (numbers) $1-$10

Whats the motive:

  • Financial/Personal Gain: 96%
  • Disagreement or protest: 3%
  • Fun,curiosity, or pride: 2%
  • Grudge of personal offense: 1%

How are they accessing your data:

  • 81% Hacking
  • 69% Malware
  • 10% Physical attacks
  • 7% employed social tactics
  • 5% privilege misuse


55% is the exploitation of default or
guessable credentials
40% is the use of stolen login credentials

Physical attacks:

Credit card skimming at gas pumps, POS’s & ATM’s are responsible for the majority of cases.

Social tactics

AKA Phishing
46% are made by phone
37% are made in-person
17% are made through  e-mail


69% works as a keylogger/ form-grabber/
43% sends data to an external site/ entity
About 1% is installed via e-mail with a user-executed
attachment or clicking on a
malicious link.
95% of Malware is
installed by remote attacker

Privilege Misuse:

50% use of unapproved hardware/devices mostly from cashiers & servers
43% abuse of system access/privilege

Cyber Criminals are after your data; your data is worth cash. We are not just talking about your bank account. Your emails, files, social media accounts, pictures, contacts, and other personal information is worth cash.

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