El Clasico – Next time, just do it the Mourinho way

Farley: Pride no longer on Jose Mourinho’s side – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Jose MourinhoThese days pride isn’t going to win a game against Barca. Once and for all, and for a few month more, at least, this is the best team out there. You have two choices, stay at home and give the game away, or you go out and try as good as you can to win the game. Trying not losing by too much, or possibly get a point is the same as staying at home.

Real is a great club with a lot of history and a lot of important people behind it. To tell them to s… u. and just watch the game is impossible. The most of them haven’t even realized that Barca is way ahead and winning is only possible with making some decisions, some not so popular.

Real has everything to make that win happen, if everyone pulls the same strings. Sitting there and complaining that the game is not good enough is great fact finding, but what are you going to do? Real is the second best team in world football. All it takes to become number one is win against Barca. If that is all it takes, just win the damn game, no matter what. Just do it the Mourinho way. A week later against Mallorca or anyone else, you can enjoy a wonderful playing style again. For this one step, win against Barca, a lot of “hard” work is needed.

If you want to wait until you are able to play them out, you might not have enough time. Playing doesn’t get much better than what Barca does. You can only win with playing good AND a few other things. Those that don’t like this soccer talk, it happens every game day, just not on the same level with such a huge amount of experts in the stands. It is part of the game, always was and always will be. Just do it the Mourinho way and stop complaining about him.

Vitus Feldmann

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