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Google+ turns three on June 28th. Happy Birthday! What an interesting ride it has been so far. The platform had to take a lot of abuse during the beginning stages, but has adapted and became a valuable social media and business platform.

While many claim Google+ will not reach the popularity with users as Facebook, this might not be of disadvantage. Everything around search, for the moment at least, is dominated by Google. For search marketing and the connected business, Google+ is the place to go. And as the number of influential users grows, so will the number of the average folks (and I don’t mean that with any personal value attached).

Many power users of both platforms already see way more activity from Facebook power users and the trend will continue. Especially with Facebook changing their algorithm and cutting reach on business pages, Google+ (and other platforms) will be happy to catch some falling users. From a small business users point of view, Google+ has already taken over Facebook. At this point, there is plenty of reasoning for small business owners to turn to Google+ and rest Facebook pages.

Social media is a fast paced medium and who knows how things are tomorrow, but for now, Google’s + is on the rise! Have a look at the infographic with lots of interesting information.

Infographic Source: DPFOC

Google+ Turns 3

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