Got Humor? Google’s Revenue In The Wrong Hands – Infographic

how-a-supervillain-would-spend-googles-revenue_51dabaeaf1b87Google has long-held the motto “don’t be evil,” but what if their 50.2 billion dollars in revenue made it into the wrong hands?

There’s almost no limit to what could be done. In this hand-drawn, comic book-style infographic, Customer Magnetism explores what could happen if a super villain got a hold of Google’s 2012 revenue. From buying a secret submarine lair in Norway, to a crew of robot butlers serving up diamond martinis, to Facebook, and even equipping hammer-head sharks with laser fins, all of the items and their prices are based on reality (though the labor costs involved in getting lasers on the sharks might raise the price quite a bit).

In fact, theoretically spending 50.2 billion dollars in a year, even for a super-villain, would be so difficult that a remaining $4.4 billion would need to be stacked four feet high in $100 bills to create a Scrooge McDuck-like money pool.

Source: CustomerMagnetism

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