He did it again! Steve Jobs and Apple raise the bar!

>The much anticipated introduction of the iPad2 took place today. Much more important, it took place with Steve Jobs. Because Steve Jobs was there and the product is good, it ended as it always does: Apple fans and competition are blown away, for different reasons of course.

For Apple fans who believe that Apple products are the greatest thing since sliced bred, it was more important to see Steve Jobs than seeing the new product. They will buy it anyway and were convinced of the usual quality already when version 1 was introduced. As some Apple product analyst said, the first iPad is still the best in the market. Anyway, the competition was more focused on the product. With the product again topping everything others have to offer, there was not much to do than leave with an open mouth. The features are great and the price didn’t increase.

Apple’s competition already has trouble to beat the price of Apple’s tablets, now they need to find out that the features as well are difficult to beat for some time. When I say some time, that means approximately a year or so. In technology, long term is a little shorter than in finance or banking for example.

Sometimes in summer we expect the new iPhone. There is no doubt, it will be good. If now the Wall Street Analysts and certain medias would focus on the fact that the products will be fine for some time, Apple shareholders will be able to sleep better. It will also help Steve Jobs to recover faster and not force him to appear at every event that actually should not require his attendance.

Vitus Feldmann

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