High Roaming Charges For Travelers – Infographic

Just when you thought you’d paid the last booking fee and covered the final rental car transaction, you’re suddenly hit with an outstanding roaming charge. Harummph.

Connected travelers who can’t go without their mobile devices are facing associated fees that seem to be higher than ever — or maybe it’s because they’re using more data than ever before. Either way, travelers have found ways to get around the dreaded roaming charge, or at least, reduce it as much as possible.

Communications app textPlus surveyed 500 respondents who use their mobile devices when traveling both domestically and internationally. The company created the infographic below based on its findings…Read More

Source: textPlusmashable.com, iStockphoto, Photomorphic

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  1. abdulrbutt says:

    at least internet should be FREE all over the world I do not mind if they add 100$ more in the price of any device I use but make internet FREE its the new air our lives depend on it!

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