How Rednecks Use Social Media – Infographic

Almost everyone is using social media. And so do Rednecks. Have a look at this infographic from AvaLaunch Media and see how social media is used south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Enjoy, and, always smile!

Source: AvalaunchMedia

Rednecks Use Of Social Media 1123

Vitus Feldmann

Ex-Professional Soccer Player, International Banker, International Business and Soccer Analyst. Global Marketing & Social Media Leader. Communicator and Connector! I help businesses and individuals to do better marketing and social media marketing. My focus is revenue creation because that is what keeps the business going. I am in business for over 30 years and I have learned to question the status quo. The ability and willingness to do so has given me an edge in my job. Marketing, especially social media marketing is fast paced. Today, nothing is like yesterday and tomorrow is different from today. Your business suffers, if you don't adjust. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite "model" is New York City.

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5 Responses

  1. US Alberta Canada REDNECKED #granniegramS love this inforgraphic

  2. Cool info most open minded…now we know how rednecks

  3. ReneRuiz says:

    gotta da rednecks are you kidding duck dynasty rock stars lol

  4. ReneRuiz says:

    gotta love da rednecks duck dynasty rock stars lol

  5. cookiecuckoo says:

    my sides!!! stop! had to share & share & share. 😀

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