How Vampires Are Sucking The Life Out Of Social Media – Infographic

TV critics predict True Blood, the hit HBO series about vampires and other superhuman characters, will dominate conversations online this summer. And while the show’s plot is responsible for driving much of the dialogue across social networks, True Blood‘s social media tactics to engage viewers propels the buzz to another level.

Competing vampire brands Twilight (Breaking Dawn part 2 hits theaters Nov. 16) and Vampire Diaries (season 4 premieres in October) leverage similar tactics to get viewers to participate via tablets, laptops and mobile devices. Season 5 of True Blood begins June 10…Read More

Source: Direct SAT TV

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4 Responses

  1. cdogzilla says:

    Maybe if Dark Shadows had a social media strategy with some teeth, it wouldn’t have flopped so badly? No. Never mind, it was going to flop no matter what and I don’t imagine it’d have been possible to build a social media presence around a movie nobody wanted to see.

  2. I saw a movie called “The Fearless Vampire Killers” when I was a kid, and it frightened the hell out of me !!!

    I saw it again years later, only to realise that it was a SPOOF!! XD

  3. at0micandy says:

    lurve True Blood, loe the teasers and the online activity completes it for me. Not bothered with the other two shows at all.

  4. I remember just 5 years ago, when the movie studios were just getting into Social Media on Twitter, and people didn’t think Twitter would last, but they were tweeting about new movies coming out, new DVDs coming out, and other smaller tweets, now it has progressed to these massive campaigns, with Facebook and Get Glue.
    This does show that social media marketing is the new marketing.

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