Lack of Work @Wall Street

business woman While checking the news this morning I ran into the article below. I always wondered how the experts on Wall Street are working and how they come to their predictions, forecasts and conclusions. I think I got the idea now. It would be cool if someone at CRT could tell me what happens on a Monday the 16th. With that info we all could take action today and have a good day at the beginning of the week, right?

In fairness, the guys at CRT acknowledged that there is nothing “fundamental” behind this. I am now afraid that their job might be in jeopardy, if their is nothing else to discover and write. Well, on the other hand, what would I comment about?

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Friday the 13th bullish for stocks and Treasury bonds

While often considered an unlucky date or number, Friday happens to be the 13th of the month and tends to actually be a good day for both equities and bonds, said strategists at CRT Capital Group…read the entire article

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