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If blogging is your passion, but you are not happy with your traffic, try to improve your local search rankings. Bloggers usually go the extra mile to create traffic for the information they provide. And while there are many ways to boost the audience, one strategy has been underutilized by many blog owners: Improving the results in local search rankings.

If you take a minute and mentally go through your local community, you will find many ways to incorporate into your blog. People, companies, experts, services and much more can be featured in almost every blog. Start thinking local!

The infographic below gives you some valuable ideas to improve your local search rankings. Have a look and see what can be used to give your platform a boost on the local level. If you have something to add, feel free to do so in the comment section.

Infographic Source: Sushi Digital

Blogging, Local Search Rankings, Blog

Blogging, Local Search Rankings, Blog

Vitus Feldmann

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