Marketing: Lead Nurturing vs E-Mail Marketing – Infographic

According to Sirius Decision, the adoption of Marketing Automation technology is expected to increase to 50% by 2015. However, my experience tells me that while more and more companies adopt marketing automation, they are not able to use the tool to its fullest potential because of a lack of expertise, methodology, or basic understanding of the tool. Many do not understand the potential it has when used correctly and settle for basic email marketing – missing out on the great opportunity of increasing conversion rates and Marketing ROI.

I even hear confusion such as: “Isn’t lead nurturing just a fancy term for email marketing?” or “It’s all the same.” This is why we have created the Email Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing Infographic. It provides a quick overview of the differences between each helping marketers realize that they can have a greater impact!


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2 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    I think the above comparisons are at best simplistic. Generic and targeted can mean exactly the same under different circumstances…For example if you send the same email to all the members of a specific group is that targeted or generic? Broad vs Custom… doesn’t this depend on what information is available via the list(s) a marketer has access to…so it can be personalized… unless you plan to do independent research on each individual you’re emailing? And the only way this could be cost justified is when a b2b or b2c campaign could generate sales of tens of thousands of dollars. .As to Sporadic vs Strategic…aren’t “reactive” emails with news i.e. discounts…reviews…improvements, equal to or even better than…”persuasive” sales messages that may be viewed as annoyance to someone with a week’s worth of unfinished work on their desk? And although not perfect how do we as marketers judge the sucess of our efforts if not by counting click throughs or conversions…if only it is for more free information?

    • V. says:

      Thanks for your comment, Gary! I hear your point! Infographics have the disadvantage that they are never exact with all the data they provide. There is just not enough space to put all the information on it without making it too big and too long. However, they can show in a nutshell why things are as they are. I think this one does it!

      In general, a lead is always a better shot than a shot into the blue with a general email campaign. Every marketer that has serious selling experience made that experience. I for myself, found that out many times. Shooting 1,000 emails, or whtever the number is, has never been as good as connecting with 1,000 leads. The differences in results are simply dramatic.

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